Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


You say that but a Republican administration is pursuing this investigation headed by the Republican Rob Mueller.


“Im non-partisan but it is I who worry the most about labels”



Well certainly you’d be singing a different tune if the Russians had helped HRC to win instead. Then you’d be insisting that the Clinton administration impose punitive sanctions on Russia, at least.


And you keep bringing it up as if their is some relevance to it… Just what ‘threat’ could McConnell pose except perhaps to point out that Obama is just as complicit in the meddling as Russia… but then again, McConnell probably wasn’t in the loop for all that unmasking and Clinton shielding. But I would suspect that Obama knowing that he was neck deep in actually collusion to affect the 2016 election and Donald Trumps potential presidency would have been scared off by the mere mention of a flashlight on his business.


Why is it that Micheal Moore addressed and pompom waving demonstration arranged by the Russians if the Russian efforts were to help Trump? Why, central to the allocations of Russian interference did the FBI not look at the DNC servers to see just how that server was compromised before the made an open accusation of 1) hacking and 2) Russian hacking? Lots of whys that are just not being answered and I really don’t hear you bringing them up in your very partisan position on the ‘Russian Interference’ that may and may not have occurred.


There’s lots of ways to do that, including gerrymandering. :wink:


Here in New Jersey we are well aware of that tactic. Our State Supreme Court marches in lockstep with the majority party. We are quite eager to see how the Federal Supreme Court rules on the Pennsylvania matter.


But of course… democrats aren’t immune to using that tool as well… You certainly wouldn’t call that a strictly partisan effort would you? Democrats are very good at diversion… they scream and yell, look at the Republicans gerrymandering while working tirelessly to do the same.


Well, probably according to its majority. :wink:


Elected legislatures who are accountable to the voters should draw voting boundaries not appointed judges.


The indictment Mueller released on Friday is against 13 Russians, not Americans. Muellers work is not complete. I think it’s funny that Limbaugh counciled the TIC not to legitimize the Mueller investigation by declaring that Friday’s indictment exonerated him, not just because it doesn’t. But the TIC has difficulty listening to his own advisors, no wonder he didn’t listen to Lintball.


Trump continues to expose the sordid underbelly of bias on all levels. The longer this goes on the more transparency that occurs.

The puss is running freely. Let’s continue to lance this boil.


Pus… Pus… Please to not get them started…


I’d have to agree. With a country to run one would normally presume a president would not be tweeting every five minutes and squabbling with the free press. He needs to do his job and let Mueller (vastly more capable) do HIS job.


No one had a problem with the ‘bully pulpit’ when it had a progressive behind the mouthpiece. Seems we like our instant news and commentary… except when we don’t…


Little wonder the TIC has been freaking out over Mueller crossing his red line of looking at the family money. No wonder he refused to allow Americans to see his tax returns.


Of course you will hail this as some grand move by the Mueller team and in the end you might see something you hope is just… be for now… it is yet another nothing burger… I wonder how many more confessions Mueller will have thrown out for underhanded tactics…


A number of charges Mueller pursues. Zwaan to plead guilty in Gates case this afternoon. Quite a few guilty people in and about the Trump organization already. And of course we know that the experienced Mueller is working this with the utmost precision. Using the lower guys to get to the higher guys. Sending a message along the way that no matter who you are, lie to the special council at your own peril.


Yeah… I can see all of the successful extraditions now… particularly the Russian ones if the govenment is in fact in ‘Collusion’ with Trump…:wink:


An attorney who worked for a prominent law firm was charged with making false statements to federal authorities as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

As if that has never happened before, ROTFLMAO.

Should be interesting as Bill Clinton lied, Eric Holder lied to Congress. Obama lied ti the America people on numerous occasions. Yet it’s a problem if you lie to a nobody, Mueller. Love to see a Judge sentence someone for a lie.