Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities


It’s not hot air, while they won’t be extradited, they’ll be on a short leash. Traveling outside their home country won’t be without risk.


It was a bit sarcastic, wasn’t it.

And yes it’s just a show.

And Rothstein said plainly the outcome of the election wasn’t affected.



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Maybe they were colluding with the Russians 2 years before the election and certainly before Trump announced his run for the presidency.


Nope, Hillary’s not even named in the 32 Point indictment. Not only did they engage in tax evasion, but bank fraud and money laundering. Named in the indictment is Yanukovych, the man that Manafort was working for and Putin cohort. I keep forgetting that you guys haven’t read the letter which commissioned the special council, but there’s more than just collusion being investigated, including obstruction of justice and money laundering in the Trump circle.

Court records paint an unflattering portrait of the man who ran the Trump campaign. Prosecutors say Mr. Manafort concealed years of lobbying for the pro-Russia government in Ukraine, laundered millions of dollars in proceeds and misled investigators about his foreign work.


So the guys that Trump brought on to run his campaign is a couple of common crooks, worse than Hillary, that swindleled American tax payers for a decade. LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP.


Your the new judge, jury in town or are you still going with guilty until proven innocent???


So… let me get this straight. Manafort (an potentially someone else - conspiracy) overstated the income of his business to obtain a mortgage? Mueller has dug into his personal business and found that he lied to a loan officer to obtain a mortgage? Now I know that it is a crime to do that … if the loan company in question finds out and files charges for a fraudulent application. But they didn’t did they?.. As a matter of fact, the article doesn’t even mention any impropriety in the repayment of that loan. If the loaner and the loanee are happy in the arrangement then I would say that Mueller is grasping at ANYTHING to make himself remain relevant.


Mueller is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, as well as possible links between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign AND OTHER ISSUES THAT HAVE COME TO LIGHT DURING THE PROBE.

The part of the sentence emphasized by me is what Mueller is hanging his hat on… He is finding anything… old unpaid parking tickets… absolutely anything to make his investigation relevant. (That of course is my opinion) We will see when all is said and done if he can actually connect the dots to the administration that you so desperately hope will be harmed by the none stop speculation and innuendo.


Monte is willing to waste a billion or 2 to slow the implementation of Trumps agenda as he continues his hate speech against the trump administration.


How cute, tax return violations. Ten years of tax evasion, bank fraud and 30 million dollars of laundered money.


And that has to do with the


Yes, yes… we know Mueller was given a license to dredge up anything and everything but are we trying to solve a problem or play vigilante.


Correct, just because THAT indictment made no such allegation doesn’t mean that there won’t be subsequent indictments that do.


So… it would be nice if you would take a breath until an indictment actually had to do with Trump and Collusion… but you are having far too much fun speculation… like the media… nothing to say but the same old nothing.


Correct, and, what all the indictments so far demonstrate is that FAR from draining the swamp, the TIC brought it with him, surrounded himself with nothing but crooks. Now Mueller must drain the swamp.


If this is Trumps lot can you imagine… I mean can you imagine the about of graft and corruption that surrounded Obama?.. I mean really… can you imagine just with the State Department alone how may side deals they did for the benefit of themselves… I understand that those prisoners in Iran couldn’t get on a plane until the money arrived…


Lol, not only will they not think about it, they deny what McConnel did about this. But not to worry, Mueller, the most respected man for the job is working on this. There’s been plenty of indictments of people surrounding Trump already, several guilty pleas of felonies, and there will be more shoes to drop, Kushner, Bannon and others are farther up the tree.


WASHINGTON — A former top adviser to Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign indicted by the special counsel was expected to plead guilty on Friday, a move that signals he is cooperating with the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The adviser, Rick Gates, is a longtime political consultant who once served as Mr. Trump’s deputy campaign chairman. The plea deal could be a significant development in the investigation — a sign that Mr. Gates plans to offer incriminating information against his longtime associate and the former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, or other members of the Trump campaign in exchange for a lighter punishment.


I would guess, by virtue of recent events, the Manafort was unwilling to sing the lines Mueller had written for him, and that Gates is willing to do so.

Manfort is looking at a very long stretch in the pen now, so no point in helping Mueller. Gates plea will be very interesting to see - is he singing Mueller’s song for leniency?