Mueller: When the Levee Breaks


Don’t like when we play the same game as Republicans? If you didn’t know, the new Republican strategy is to have a citizenship qualification on the census so they can re-shuffle the deck on House seat allocations. House seats are given based on population size, not citizenship.

Whatever you say @Scott

Make a statement like that and then post no evidence as usual. Just because you believe what Rush is telling you doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Who has been successfully implicated in this? Where are the indictments? Who has been arrested and gone to prison?


Democrats were the ones pushing for open borders exactly for this reason! They get to load up Sanctuary Cities and now Sanctuary states with illegals so they can get more seats in Congress. That’s the point and it’s corrupt as hell! Democrats can’t win fair and square with legal votes so they have to let illegals in and make it as easy as possible for them to vote. Adding a citizenship designation to the census for political representation purposes makes all the sense in the world. Since only citizens should be voting there would be an accurate count of citizens in a state. Illegals shouldn’t be used to pad population levels to take away representation from actual citizens.


Now I understand the leftist political chants of people like @feddo “this is what democracy looks like”


Some of the DNC’s own operatives were videoed saying it… then when it became public the were fired… one of them a frequent flyer in Obamas oval cabin… Your reading the wrong ‘press’… keep up.


By the “wrong press” I take it that you mean established newspapers with actual journalists. I know that Republicans are easily confused but you guys really understand the power of money and selling products in a capitalist market place.

If I’m reading the wrong material then I am in good company.


have you taken the time to review for you own edification the two ‘Fake News’ threads? Their are far more few-pas from the ‘established press’ of the left than you can find from the you guys could find to grace the ‘Fake News from the Right’ thread…

Some people have … well, shall we say… diminished standards especially when the asshat already admitted serious embellishment… but then again it doesn’t require truth to excite the fevered brow of a progressive…


If there was one question you’d ask Mueller if given a chance, what would it be? THat you feel he’d realistically respond to. I think the Special Counsel could use some help from some patriots. Russia did all that hacking, botting, swindingling etc and they expect one man and some HRC foundation lawyers to somehow take on these guys? Yah I Think they need some help. Unfair to let them do this all by themselves IMO.



Don’t tell anyone as the Dems have been doing it as long as the GOP.

Seems your strategy isn’t working so well as voters have rejected the dems in the house since 2010.


That’s funny shit right there.


You seem to revel in the Democrat cesspool of hate

You made it


Seems the leftist trolls have left the building


You know, they started a thread on the cost of health care that was actually quite interesting but the response would have taken some time. I have found with some of their other hit and run postings that they never engage your response… So… why bother…