Multiple Governments Are Targeting Clintons' Biggest Charitable Frauds


Those who believe a certain Arkansas-based political family "always gets away with it" should know that the race to indict, prosecute, and convict multiple actors leading the sprawling, international Clinton Foundation fraud conspiracy is on. Though long overdue, this seems eminently fair since prominent persons who operated porous and loosely controlled false-front philanthropies a tiny fraction the size of the known Clinton "charities," including former Rep. (D-Fla.), were sentenced to federal prison for lengthy terms.

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At least a government somewhere is targeting these criminals. They probably want their pay to play money back since she didn’t get the coronation she was promising everyone.


Charities usually don’t play around with this stuff. One wrong move and your 501©(3) goes up in smoke. There must be some additional language in the statute that doesn’t apply to politicians :thinking:


The IRS was weaponized against conservatives by the Obama Administration…but here we have prominent Democrats actually breaking tax laws. Where is the IRS now? Where have they been the whole time?

The Clinton machine did pay-for-play deals and all of the money that they made wasn’t even taxed. It makes you wonder how they’ve been paying for all those mansions that they own. If the federal government would actually do their job the Clintons would be broke and in jail.