Music To The Statists Ear


One thing that is conspicuously missing from the CPI that gauges our level of inflation, is income and social security taxes…or property taxes…


We have been getting gouged to death. Year after year my spending ability somehow manages to go down despite making roughly the same amount of money, and having the same number of expenses, after taxes.



Perfect timing, Trump is speaking live at a tax reform event right now.


A shame they don’t show the percentage of Americans paying no Federal Income tax and those receiving Earned income tax credits with a net positive return that have paid nothing.


Isn’t it something like half?


Start your own business, use an LLC, put as many depreciable assets into the business as possible. Try and accept as much cash as possible.


Actually it is. The interesting thing is they are ignored in the statistics.


No way dems can resist missing this event… Remember at the DNC convention when, as an afterthought, someone went out and scrounged up a few flags for the stage… and then swept them up with the rest of the trash?