Muslim immigration to America is plummeting


“According to figures from the State Department, Muslim refugee flows fell 94 percent from January to November 2017 (the last full month of available data). In calendar 2016, the United States admitted almost 45,000 Muslim refugees, compared to a little more than 11,000 in 2017—fully half of those entered in January and February. Of course, the administration has cut refugee flows generally, but the Muslim share of all refugees has dropped substantially too—from 50 percent in January to less than 10 percent in November.”


Needed some good news today.

I’d like to see Muslim immigration numbers plummet to zero, then I would like to see a mass voluntary exodus of Muslims from this country (if not voluntary, then by other means). There are plenty of places for them to go where they can live under Sharia law and disruptively pray in public. We won’t cater to them any time soon.


Diversity makes us stronger and better as a country. You racist isolationists should spend less time finding ways to hate and more time thinking about how much value Muslims bring to our country - Muslims are our doctors, lawyers, and engineers! You shouldn’t be cheering their unwillingness to immigrate here. That’s a tragedy for all of us!


I find it hard to comprehend how anyone in the free world could give a hot damn about anything the Muslim enemies of liberty think, say, or do. We should all be in agreement that these people are the lowest scum on earth, just slightly above Democrats, who themselves ought to consider Muslims scum.

Diversity is not our strength, it’s a Trojan horse.


I dont see you over in this “diversity” thread


I don’t see you complaining about whites perpetrating mass shootings. Is this not a double standard, or is this not to be questioned because you don’t have an issue with the skin color of whites. Maybe all white gun owners should be deported!


The media glamorizes mass shooting when its a white perpetrator. The big chunk of shooting takes place in inner cities democratic strong hold, and no one would report on that bc “racism”. Thats a real diverse utopia, and youre welcome to move in anytime.


If you dont like the State so much, consider moving elsewhere. All this talk and still, no one moved to Canada after Trump was elected. What is putting them off, socialized healthcare?

And if all white were “deported”, who will pay for your welfare check?


Maybe all white welfare queens should go first.


Well, in fairness, Christian immigrants (as noted in your own article) and tourism is down in the United States as well. Seems people the world over don’t want to come to Trumps America.


Because the TIC and his associates might buy that broad brush approach, but not everybody does, and @FiredUpDem basically pointed that out.


Last time i check, I didnt have to declare my religion to travel. And sources?


From your article:

New figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce show a drop in international visitors to the United States by close to 700,000 in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year. European countries were down 10.1 percent, and Mexico was off 7.1 percent in the quarter. The largest drops were from the Middle East and Africa, though they represent a much smaller percentage of overall travel to the United States.

Want to show me where you got your Christian travel statistics?


I already pointed out where that was from in my post above. But here you go again, from figure 3 in the article linked to in the op.

“the number of Christian refugees has declined as well“


Overall, 697,791 fewer foreigners visited the United States in the first three months of the year, down 4.2 percent to 15.8 million

European countries were down 10.1 percent

Within Europe, the tourism declines were largest in Switzerland at nearly 28 percent, Belgium at 20 percent and Britain at 15.5 percent

“OMFG bc of Trump US tourism is down 4%”, meanwhile, Europe is down 10%, with Switchzerland being down as much as 28%, but hey, blame Trump too, bc hes the president of EUrope now. Before blaming it on President Trump, maybe read your own article and think “huh, maybe its not a very good year for tourism, wonder if Isis and terrorism has to do with all this”.

And where is the Christian travelers and refugees, illiterate bernie bot?

Its fun to poke at the illiterate bernie bot. Its cute, really, hes touting around his “article” like some 3 year-old, but meanwhile, he cant even read it. And yes, hes posting from a tablet, cant even afford a computer.


Well @kraken


Muslims shouldn’t only be banned from immigrating, but deported from our country when even the slightest concern is raised.

Muslims should not be granted residency in a non-Muslim country in the first place. They have over 50 Islamic countries to chose from and there is no need for them to force their presence onto a non-Islamic country.

91.4% of Muslim “refugees” are on food stamps. 68.3% are on cash welfare.

This is mostly permanent way of life for Muslims in the USA. The Quran encourages Muslims to collect jizya –blood tax – from kafirs (non-Muslims) and welfare is looked upon as jizya.

Ban Islam.


Let’s not forget that the biggest threat to America is the Muslims out breeding Americans and then getting into power and Sharia becoming the law of the land.


That is beyond offensive. Have you racists not figured it out yet? NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS!


Sure, but not all people are burglars, and you still lock your doors, don’t you!


And what might that be, hmm?