Muslim immigration to America is plummeting


Tell your elected officials to stop engaging in gratuitous wars in the Middle East that create refugees that we have a hard time turning away when we’re telling all our ally’s how many they have to take. If you want to see something different, do something different.


The Middle East used to be all Christian until Muslims were welcomed. Muslims then killed hundreds of thousands of Christians. What ended the Christian genocide? :point_right: The Crusades.


“I know the Muslims want to destroy us, but let’s allow them in so we can change their minds,” said no surviving western civilization ever.


Thomas Jefferson’s report after meeting w/ Tripoli officials in 1786.

Muslims have always been like this.


How do you tell the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist ?

I have no clue and that’s kinda the problem isn’t it.


WOW , great news !! President Trump message heard loud and clear ! :dancing_men::dancing_women:


Let’s see is that the very same brush YOU use when talking about white privilege ?? SHRUG . QUACK , QUACK …:wink:


Before Thomas Jefferson there was George Washington.

In late 1777, Washington’s army suffered defeat after defeat against the British and were forced to surrender the major city of Philadelphia to the enemy. Washington’s worst day during the Revolutionary War came as his men were encamped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on December 19 of that year. Washington stressed in a letter to his friend George Clinton of “the dreadful situation … for want of provisions, and the miserable prospects before us, with respect to futurity.” Just as his army reached its most desperate state, Washington learned of the news of a Muslim man named Sultain Sidi Muhammad ben Abdallah of Morocco, who showed interest in helping the Americans in their fight against the British Empire.

Upon learning of Washington’s conflict, Abdallah assisted Washington by listing the newly independent United States of America as a country whose trading ships would be welcomed in the ports of Morocco, a move which offered the potential for supplies to be shipped to Washington’s army. In 1778, shortly after his initial effort to help Washington, Abdallah appointed Etienne d’Audibert Caille, a French merchant, to serve as an ambassador to unrepresented countries such as the United States of America. These early diplomatic relations between the United States of America and Morocco culminated in the ratification of the Treaty of Marrakech in 1786, which remains to this day the longest standing foreign relations treaty in American history.


Well @Montecresto1

I was referring to your article related to Christian travel - not immigration. Care to clarify?


I did in the post just before that one. The article in the op states that Christian immigrants to the US have declined as well.


Tryingggg but their are so many elitists and reactionary leftist who support them that exacting any real change is almost impossible…