My Twitter Suspension: Reflections of an Unrepentant Thought Criminal


My Twitter Suspension: Reflections of an Unrepentant Thought Criminal

This is my first post here. As I say in the article, not being on Twitter means I’ll be spending more time on other platforms!


Hey its the man himself. Looking forward to more European Freedom stuff here.


I think most conservative accounts are under close surveillance by full-time, round the clock, SJWs over at Twitter. Whatever they miss the Southern Poverty Law Center picks up and uses their platform to publicly smear law abiding citizens, regardless of their country. Congrats on the ban.


I imagine that will be the case, my friend


Consequences of rules violations I suppose.


An unrepentant thought criminal by today’s standards. 10-20 years ago you would have just been considered normal.


Have you ever been banned from Twitter? They don’t tell you why. They just ban you. I’ve heard of people getting bans overturned but that is incredibly rare.


Most forums don’t tell you why you’ve been banned.


Well in the age of Trump, there is no normal, shrug.


Most people, except of course those who are anally retentive will actually have a pretty good idea what got them kicked off a forum… I got kicked off of one for criticizing Hillary… They didn’t tell me why but from reaction to previous comments that triggered the membership… I knew why…


Liberals have been telling us for decades that their is no normal… Trump did not by any stretch of the imagination create relativism…


That is correct…


No, he didn’t and I didn’t claim he did. He has however smashed normal, shrug.


Well, the way I see it is that Trump didn’t create outrageous… Outrageous created Trump.


I might could agree with that.