Mysterious repeating radio bursts from distant galaxy could be sign of extraterrestrial technology


Researchers from extraterrestrial research initiative Breakthrough Listen, the SETI Institute, and UC Berkeley used machine learning to detect mysterious repeating radio bursts from a galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth. As of now, the source of the fast radio bursts (FRBs) is unknown and, yes, the bursts “could be the signatures of technology developed by extraterrestrial intelligent life,” according to the scientists. From the SETI Institute:

In August of 2017, the Listen science team at the University of California, Berkeley SETI Research Center observed FRB 121102 for five hours, using digital instrumentation at the GBT. Combing through 400 TB of data, they reported (in a paper [pdf] led by Berkeley SETI postdoctoral researcher Vishal Gajjar, recently accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal) a total of 21 bursts. All were seen within one hour, suggesting that the source alternates between periods of quiescence and frenzied activity.

Now, (UC Berkeley doctoral student Gerry) Zhang and collaborators have developed a new machine learning algorithm, and reanalyzed the 2017 GBT dataset, finding an additional 72 bursts that were not detected originally…

Additional FRB research may provide clues about whether or not they are signatures of extraterrestrial technology.

More at UC Berkeley news: “AI helps track down mysterious cosmic radio bursts


That’s really cool…,


What I wish to know is, Is there intelligent life on Earth.


I hope if there’s intelligent life outside of earth, they stay away because we’ll surely screw everything up. What could they gain from us ???
Jimsouth , only in a few scattered places centered around Monte. Only kidding Monte , dont take it personally. We do agree on somethings and I do help to defend you occasionally. :couple_with_heart_man_man:


Obviously there is intelligent life out there; because they are avoiding the arrogant Earthlings.


Lol right…

Remember what Stephen Hawking’s said about our attempts to contact life elsewhere.


Mabey its Marvin the Martian…:neutral_face:


Could be spaceships firing up their engines.


if intelligent life was responsible for the radio bursts odds are they are died now radio bursts are to slow for space communication but i have no doubt intelligent life is out there but this is most likely not it


inb4 they finally decode the data only to find, most probably, an intergalactic Porn Hub.


As you said, the signals are 3 billion years old. If it HAD been intelligent life, it’s probably no longer there. More likely a natural phenomenon like the signals from Pulsars, originally called LGMs, short for “little green ment”


If radio signals traveled at the speed of light, the signal would be three billion years old. But radio signals are much slower than the speed of light. Plus, the source would have to be immensely powerful to project a radio signal that far. It’s probably just a neutron star rather than an intelligent race beaming radio signals from the distant past. Even if it were an intelligent race at the source, three billion years is more than enough time for them to go extinct and for time to erase any evidence that they ever existed.


We, mankind, have nothing to fear from alien life forms.

If they, alien life forms, don’t have the technology to get here before the tell-tale radio signals we will be long dead before they arrive.

If we don’t develop the technology to travel faster than the speed of light we are never going to have any defence against visiting aliens.

BTW, light is visible radio waves…


What I said. I do believe there are areas of physics we are unaware of, and probably will remain unaware of.


Most people cannot visualize time - space - distance. Is it possible to exceed the speed of light, probably; but how long will it take to develop that technology?


The current obstacle to exceeding the speed of light is the mutterings of a highly respected scientist, also my hero, R.I.P. 1954, who postulated that such is impossible. Just because somebody proved the interaction between gravity and light does not mean that his other postulations are correct.

How long will it take? Well that is completely unknown but I expect that it will be a bit like the creation of antibiotics: something which was always there but needed the right person to notice it.

If you think about mankind getting to the moon. It took the development of something invented many years ago by the Chinese, a firework rocket, coupled with the engineering required to keep people alive in a vacuum, to provide the technology which can achieve such a journey.

Another interesting question is; would mankind have gone to the moon if the Wright brothers had not succeeded with mechanical flight…?


“Ottomans Were The First to Reach The Moon,” says Turkish President

“Ottomans Were The First to Reach The Moon ,” says Turkish President … Mr. Erdoğan claimed that Muslim explorers reached the Moon more than 300 years … of the Appolo program, vowing to build a mosque “in the crater” where they landed .




i think the fear of alien invaders is irrational first if their are two forms of intelligent life out there than there will probably be hundreds more which means we will probably not not be very interesting and unique on top of that for a civilization to get to the point of technology that fast space travel is a reality will probably be far more advanced than us culturally and will not want to conquer us as that will go against their moral compass and space has so much resources that it would just be easier to take resources from a planet without intelligent life


It would just be easier to take resources from a “planet without intelligent life”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So by that I may infer, we could be invaded.