Nah.... They Aren't After ALL Of Your Guns.... Only


The high capacity and nasty assault looking ones…

Are you fooled?.. neither am I.


Muzzle loaded.

Rapid fire, 2-3 minutes to reload.

Have one and it’s not a long range/accurate weapon.


This demonstrates why we cannot back down one single step concerning firearms rights.

Not one damn step.


While you’re clinging to your guns, see if you can come up with a way that Americans can be safe from them when they go to church, or the theater or the shopping mall or out to dinner or at a concert or when they go to school.


The new weapon of choice has changed from semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic transmissions. They just can’t seem to link that fact that we have created a rather ill society. Boys can no longer be energetic in school so they are drugged from an early age, everyone who can afford it has a shrink and group therapy sessions are the only way to get people off of facebook. Its not the firearm, it is the liberal, no concrete moral value, directionless society that is the problem…

Low hanging fruit and easy solutions have always been the way of the authoritarian who either take your money to fund their ‘plan’ or they just create laws to forbid… Well, as they say ‘Shrug’…


Then throw in the immediate widespread reporting and copy cat follows.