Naked Model Walks Around Hong Kong Bare Assed


A naked model with no trousers goes on a walk around Hong Kong without hardly a second glance from thousands of tourists and passersby.

Naked Model Vytaute, donned on a pair of make believe trousers by having her legs and buttocks painted. Talented make-up artist Sandra Bakker then painted a pair of tight skinny blue jeans on Vytaute before sending her into the streets of Hong Kong.

It shows how vigilant people are in big cities like Hong Kong, when a painted western woman, naked from the waist down, can mingle with them and not get noticed.

The video, which shows Vytaute on the tube, crossing busy roads and walking through crowds of people on the streets, has been titled ‘No pants are the best pants.’

But only a few people clocked on to the model’s ‘painted jeans’ look and started taking videos and pictures of her as she passed by.

Sandra Bakker, who created the look, is originally from the Netherlands and specialises in creative make-up artistry .


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