Nancy Pelosi got put in her place at town hall


“How much are you worth, Nancy?” “We’re not talking about that,” Pelosi responded . OVER $100,000,000 !!!
“People are getting 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 dollars. That’s not crumbs. That’s a lot of money,” Yet Nancy was overjoyed with $40 passed out by Obama !! WTF


Well then she could give some of her money to those outside her Socioeconomic position.Give up that big Estate and live in something more modest to be near her Beloved constituents. I would Pay to see her live 6 months in the Hood . She would be lucky to last 30 days. That would make for good Primetime Uncensored viewing.
Wouldn’t it be Fun to see her walk pass corner dealers, drug users passed out on sidewalks and the homeless crapping and urinating all over.


I hope the Democrats continue having a female leader. This will ensure them looking like clowns and focusing exclusively on PC bullshit and muhfeels.


Like Sarah Sanders…


Sarah Huckabee Sanders for President… 2024 !


Disgusting corpse of a woman, what did she do for her millions? She should be asked in every interview going forward.


Thats the wrong sanders to be talking about in relation to this thread, illiterate bernie bot


And what’s wrong with Sarah Sanders ? Perhaps she is not dark enough for your liking ! :roll_eyes:
Now are you happy ???:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


The answer is quite simple and it explains why virtually every person that has ever served in congress leaves with a net worth in the millions despite a relatively modest salary. Prior to 2012, members of congress where exempt from insider trading laws that normally would prevent them from trading on knowledge they have gained in office. The rationale was that these people hear so much everyday, if we restricted them from trading on it, they would not be able to buy and sell stocks, which would be an outrageous assault on their civil liberties. So for decades, these assholes knew before everybody else if interest rates were going to go up or down, if a trade deal was going to be signed, if a new tax or a tax break for a certain industry was coming, if we were going to invade a country, if there was going to be a new business regulation, if a company was going to be investigated… Y’know, the kind of shit that markets react to… And they could buy or sell or hedge stocks before the news became public…and make millions…and it was totally legal. That’s how Nancy has a hundred million dollars on a $170,000 salary. And that’s why she thinks your $2000 tax break is “crumbs”.


Not so, Biden and Sanders just to name a couple.

Biden’s right: He doesn’t have a savings account. But his wife does — or, at least, she did last year. Biden reported a savings account with the New Castle County Schools Employee Federal Credit Union in his wife’s name worth a grand total of between zero and $1,000. She also had a checking account with the same institution, and with a valuation in the same range. (All values on the disclosure document are given in ranges.) The couple has a lot of checking accounts between them, both joint accounts and accounts specific to either of them. None was reported to have more than $15,000 in assets.



Nancy is married to some scumbag SanFran real estate shyster so that probably helps her stack up the fed bucks.


Though his annual income of $200,000 still makes him one of the least wealthy senators.

From your link.


And some people are touting them as people who could lead us to prosperity… Auh Huh…


LOL! Yeah let’s put dumbasses who aren’t good with their money in charge of the largest economy on the planet.


So the post quoted was claiming that “every” law maker had enriched themselves going to Washington, and I showed that Biden hasn’t. And for not fleecing the tax payers, YOU criticize the man as financially incompetent. Horse shit right there.


I was replying to @Scott try and keep up.


Enriching themselves via contacts in the government is one thing but the inability to save and invest is quite another. I would dare say that Ron Paul and his son have made more as doctors that Biden and Sanders have managed to save as over paid politicians. Their is a difference between being responsible and being a scheming slim ball. It is telling that in Bidens own words he says that he doesn’t have this and doesn’t own that but (as a career politician) he has a great retirement plan…


Looks like an open post, A and 2, I’ll comment on what you say anytime I choose, hmm?


Sure does. I don’t think Biden is crying poverty. Sanders on the other hand says “capitalism is evil” then buys an Audi R8 with campaign donations.


And what about that college that he and his wife ran into the ground?