Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Disturbing’ Tale Of Grandson’s Wish For Brown Skin


Nancy Pelosi managed to remind the rest of the nation why Congress has such a low approval rating, suggests the Fox & Friends hosts on their Thursday morning show. They weren’t the only Fox personalities who had issues with Nancy Pelosi’s long, long speech; Tucker Carlson slammed Pelosi for the message she passed along to her grandson on his birthday.

Despite all the backlash for one portion of her spew, there seemed to be one feat that people have marveled at after Nancy Pelosi finished her rambling speech. According to Fox News, she stood for 8-hours in her stiletto heels. The Fox & Friends hosts even offered kudos for Pelosi’s ability to do this. She didn’t sit once, she stood in those 3-inch heels the entire time she delivered a very convoluted speech.

According to Clear Politics, Pelosi said that her grandson “is Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American, he is a mix. But he looks more the other [Italian] side of the family, shall we say.” She then explained how her grandson’s best friend is from Guatemala and she described his looks as well. Antonio, which is the boy’s name, “has beautiful tan skinned” and “beautiful brown eyes,” said Pelosi.


I’d almost feel bad for the kid if he wasn’t set to inherit all of her ill-gotten financial gains and probably grow up to run for political office and spew the same crap.


At 6 years old he knew the ONLY way to get his batshit grandma to pay attention to him was to be brown like all her illegals !!!


I see a bright future for the next identity politics genius.