NASA has a job opening for someone to defend Earth from aliens — and it pays a


Just wow, as if we have all kinds of money to spend. Forget homeless starving people on earth. We have to look out for the aliens coming to save the homeless.


This is the woman who held the fate of our planet in her hands in the event of an alien attack? Why am I left more afraid now than before reading the headline?


Ya, that smirk of her’s says, “Idiots” to me…


That’s not much, 1 person against a potential invasion of aliens.

War of the worlds comes to mind.

Totally worth it.


The face would scare any alien.


Just to be clear, the job that NASA is creating (actually created) is for the purpose of protecting the earth from contamination from alien microbes that could come in on various materials lifted from other moons/planets in our solar system.


I don’t trust Snopes but the microbes thing makes more sense. I was watching a documentary about the moon landing and NASA scientist at the time were worried that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (forget the other guy) might have had Moon germs. So they put them in this Airstream trailer for a few days. I guess this is kind of the same concept.


Yes, it’s basically that interest.

The job announcement is rather dense. But Catharine Conley, the NASA scientist who has been in this role since 2006, has spoken candidly about its scope and responsibilities, telling Scientific American in 2014 that her focus is to ensure that the agency’s activity complies with a 50-year-old international treaty that set standards for preventing biological contamination outside of Earth and safeguarding the planet’s biosphere from any alien life.