NC looters strike AGAIN


When disaster strikes black looters run wild . This is the most egregious crime , to take advantage of disasters to steal others belongings and put workers out of work for months needs to be addressed with hefty jail terms 20 years no early release .Looters are the LOWEST OF THE LOW !!!


Yep whenever they hear that a mandatory evacuation order got pushed out by the government that’s their signal to lay low and wait. As soon as everyone clears out they start busting into businesses and stealing. Happens every single time doesn’t it?

Oh, but we’re not supposed to judge them. Right.



Years ago they were shot for looting too bad we are so dam PC today .



Where are the rooftop Koreans from the LA Riots when we need them?




Anything shiny works !!!


Whenever I go to Philadelphia, I carry a pocketful of beads. If cornered, I toss em, and during the ensuing confusion, I make my getaway. If that doesn’t work, the CA Bulldog .44 is at the ready. I have CC for my entire adult life; and only twice did I pull my pistol. No shots fired, but still, very unnerving. Once in Reading & once in Philadelphia.


Awww, the magic beans trick. :wink::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Looters - - - - - Public Crucifixion.


Story goes ( and if it ain’t true, it oughta be ), and old man was waiting for a cab in a major city. Three blacks knocked him down, grabbed his luggage & took off in a car. About a half block away, their car begins to swerve & finally crashes. The guy was a curator for the local zoo. There was a bobcat in the case.


They want us celebrating diversity while we are beaten, robbed, and murdered. It’s the only way we can truly learn to celebrate our differences.


Diversity means HATE ALL WHITES !!! :roll_eyes:


I see the Stormfront Reject Brigade is busy fellating each other.


I take it then that you have no opinion on this matter.


I have the opinion that looters should be punished


Not only are the looting reprentsible the 250 reports of price gouging are just as bad . All these violators should be buried neck high in the sand until high tide.:japanese_goblin:


And perhaps the home owners that were robbed should be punished for abandoning their homes too ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This stupid shit is why you are fascinated with colons , your a total A$$ !! :roll_eyes: