Nearly Three Times More People Stabbed to Death Than Killed With Rifles, Shotguns Combined


As I have said plenty of times in the past and is a cliché of many “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Long before someone pulls the trigger, the have to have the desire to point the weapon, and long before they brinish a weapon they have to have the anger or fear or frustration to strike out… the problem resides with society in general, not the weapon used to express those feelings…


when’s the last time someone killed 49 people at one time with a knife?

that’s the problem.


No… they problem is a social agenda and a government killing economy that push people to do the things they do. What are you going to do when people start wiring propane tanks up… ban BBQ’s?

The mental health issue is real… it is the insanity created by the progressive meddling in peoples live… laws on top of laws…


everyone knows you only BBQ using fruit or nut tree wood, or if desperate…charcoal.

mental health is real and that is why we need to fix the loopholes that allow these people battle style weapons in the first place.


My question is why do you think that we are the most drugged up nation on the planet… did the nuts create the environment or did the environment create the nuts?


the shooters probably needed more drugs that was the problem they weren’t getting treatment.


Liberal policies created the environment that enabled the nuts to get even nuttier. Think about it. We closed down state institutions that housed those with mental instabilities because they were inhumane, but we didn’t provide another option. They literally have to hurt someone to get into one of these facilities now. So, as we relaxed our stance on immigration and border enforcement the drugs flowed in and the nuts used them to self medicate. This all comes back to failed liberal policies.


In California, for example, the number of patients in state mental hospitals reached a peak of 37,500 in 1959 when Edmund G. Brown was Governor, fell to 22,000 when Ronald Reagan attained that office in 1967, and continued to decline under his administration and that of his successor, Edmund G. Brown Jr. The senior Mr. Brown now expresses regret about the way the policy started and ultimately evolved. ‘‘They’ve gone far, too far, in letting people out,’’ he said in an interview.

like that liberal Ronald Reagan?


My lens was Willowbrook and the scandal that Geraldo Rivera uncovered which resulted in laws being changed all over the country. That’s what let all of the nuts out.


One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement. Consistent with the report of the Carter Commission, the act also included a provision for federal grants “for projects for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health,” an indication of how little learning had taken place among the Carter Commission members and professionals at NIMH.

With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.

then he took it from the state level, national.

we certainly need more effort devoted to the mentally ill but I fail to see how anyone can point fingers.


Well, yes and no. We are reaching farther and deeper into our population and finding things wrong that frankly either people were perfectly capable of handling or we have created a society in which many more people find their ability to cope in jeopardy. Certainly unemployment and the instability of employment has much to do with this problem in adults but you got to ask… why do young children have ADHD… What is making our children crazy? The food, the parents, and the social structure in school… society in general? … or are our children just fine and we have created a society where we no longer enjoy the energy that young people naturally have?

Then of course, once drugged, labelled and put into ‘special education’… what does that do to their overall outlook on life and the world around them?