Need help with essay


i have ro write essay about some famous politics till monday but really don’t know who will be my “hero” =) Please give me some inspiration or advice. Thanks! )


Margaret Thatcher has got to be up there


Try people getting shot for being in politics. For example Abraham Lincoln or JFK.


In college, the best paper I did, was on Albert Speer. I got great reviews from my history professor. Find Inside the Third Reich


I do not believe Speer was an evil man; I believe he got caught up in an evil movement. He was very young when Hitler put him on the spot.


Winston Churchill
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson


Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind. The only major political figure who resigned his office & physically went into battle.


President Trump and his many accomplishments despite the dems and the media . Just look at all the economic records shattered in one year . When was the last time we had more jobs than people looking for work ?


Sen.Eugene McCarthy :+1:t5: