Netanyahu Corruption


Looks like the TIC’s buddy in Israel’s in trouble too!


I thought that was Putin?


According to studies I’ve read on Trump Derangement Syndrome, anyone who gets into some sort of trouble anywhere in the world is the friend of President Trump. Anyone who is against him are the good guys. Case in point. North Korea.


It looks like Bibi may be on his way out. Hope they get some soyboy liberal in as his replacement so Israel is left defenseless.


What makes you think that North Korea are good guys. What makes Netanyahu and Trump buddies is that big present Trump gave him late last year, and Putin, well, for all the obvious reasons.


It is time for an inquiry into Jared Kushner and the connections he has had for all of this time with Tel Aviv, and the release of Robert Mueller investigative notes as to who in the Kushner sphere was leaking information to investigators time and time again about the innocent Donald Trump Jr, as every leak benefited Jared Kushner.


That’s interesting…


By big present you mean the move of the embassy to Jerusalem which is something that our Congress had passed into law in 1995? Is that what you’re talking about?


Well I believe PM Netanyahu is entitled to Due Process under Israeli Law. If the Allegations are true, he should resign and face prosecution . Being half a world away, unless you go on line, this is hardly covered by the US press which with their Obvious Liberal bias they would have him guilty before a trial would take place.


Yep , I also read the very same study ! :wink: I tried to tell Stevie John help is around the corner , no need to suffer ! :wink:


And what of the $150,000,000,000 Obama and the Chin gave the terrorist ? How can you post anything about the subject of corruption without bring up the CLINTON’S ??? Shrug :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Yes!!! I thought that was a ridiculous legislation then and I’m glad presidents subsequently saw the prudence in not implementing it.


And he’ll get it if you read the link.