New guy here


Whats goin on? Former PF member and looking forward to have some fun political discourse.


Welcome man! Glad to have you here. There are a few survivors who came over. I think that you and @Scott & @DollarInflation will get along well.



Oh wait…you are a libertarian. How did you get here without the internet and power lines? Oh, that’s right a centralized government coordinated all of that for you! Welcome! LOL!!!


Welcome @LibertarianLiberty


Lets go back and remind ourselves of a few things … again Rick. When you talk about centralized government you are talking about the force of the state to impose its particular brand of solution… you are not talking about necessarily the right solution or as we see time and time again, nowhere near the most efficient solution. Just because professional progressives decided to cash in on making power a public utility (Notice which why the barrel of the gun is pointed here) does not mean that electricity wasn’t created or distribution before the state decided to create a second rate patch work grid as a result of regulation and distorted price controls.

Telephone systems sprang up long before government decided to stick its oar in and create a monopoly that strangled technology for almost 100 years. The first transcontinental system was almost in place when the Gubermint decided in its wisdom to kill competition. It actually took the breakup of ATT to get innovation in the phone system… a system I might add that wouldn’t even guarantee a 300 baud bit rate when upstarts were passing 56K over satellite… Yes, another strangle hold over innovation. Had NASA gotten out of the way we would already have a mining settlement on the moon…

PS… Just to go over old stuff… The packet switching technology, invented by an MIT professor (not the government) and developed at DARPA was but one of three technologies in development in the world at the time… the power of the state to extract money from the tax payer may have been the only thing that make the US version the winner…

Don’t confuse the force of coercion with the best or most efficient solution. Don’t confuse the forced confiscation of people’s money and government spending with progress…

Oh, by the way @LibertarianLiberty … A most hardy Welcome!


New here as well. AD Marine currently stationed at MCAS Beaufort in SC. Been reading the threads for a good bit. You guys are funny AF. Anyways welcome @LibertarianLiberty and welcome to me too I guess :confounded::open_mouth::grin:


@DYZER welcome and thank you for your service!


@DYZER…HEY!.. that crack about being funny as AF best not be about the Air Force! … My father is retired Air Force and I stick up for them… Although I find that my Army buddies were much more of a pleasure to be around than those… air force weenies…

Welcome to the forum… fire at will


@Scott LOL! I meant funny as fu*k! I don’t want to get banned for swearing on day one. I have no problem with the Air Force, except when they try too hard to act alpha male military. Just doesn’t work with their cute tiger stripes. As long as they represent the Chair Force loud and proud…I’m good with it.

Army guys are ok too…when they aren’t pretending to be Marines. Our job is to take the hill, their job is to occupy it.


Welcome @LibertarianLiberty and @DYZER oh and @DYZER watch the Army comments I can’t count how many times I had to bail you skinny bastards out. HOOAH!


As an Air Force veteran, I can admit that most of those pictures are true. But so are these - Army and Marines aren’t so squared away either. :wink:


Anchors aweigh, my boys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: