New Low for the UK: 15 year old girl was abducted, held prisoner for 12 years, repeatedly raped, twice forced into marriage, and had EIGHT abortions


The white English girl was raped by her new husband within minutes of marriage

Sarah’s abuse went on while her distraught family’s pleas for help were ‘ignored’

Yet Sarah is not a willing bride. She is being made to marry a member of the gang that effectively forced her into sex slavery after abducting her in a Tesco car park in the English suburbs one autumn afternoon. Her captivity lasted for 12 long years.

Within minutes of her wedding picture being taken, the white English girl was pushed upstairs into a bedroom and raped by her new husband, a man she had set eyes on for the first time only half an hour earlier.

Sarah’s abuse went on while her distraught family’s pleas for help were, they insist, ignored by a police force that refused even to list her as missing.

The all-pervading culture of political correctness at the time of her abduction meant the gangs, often of Pakistani-British heritage, were ignored by police forces that were terrified of being called racist if they pursued them.


Brits - very serious question. Why aren’t you slaughtering your MPs in the streets yet?


Can you imagine how things would change quickly if, in a completely hypothetical scenario, native Brits just started killing random people who fit the description of those in there grooming gangs? Not guilty ones, just at random. Catch one on the side and knife the neck.

If Brits started looked at this from the perspective of doing what is being done to them, they would spread fear among the perpetrators.

Things would get cleaned up very quickly…in this hypothetical scenario.


This is great news for my wallet. If I want to visit an Islamic culture in the future, I dont have to travel as far, when I can just fly to the UK.


The system and this girl’s family failed her on so many basic levels.


In the UK their are real and fully documented case of girls going missing the family’s go to the house where they know the girl is and the family of the girl gets arrested these are girls under the age of 16 the standard practice for rape gangs is to give the girls alcohol and drugs this practice has many obvious advantages for the rape gang but when the police find the girls they arrest them for being drunk and disorderly and let the gang leave i don’t know all the details of the case and maybe you are right and the family did let the girl down but the way this problem is being policed is the real problem even family doing they best get fucked by the system


Islam and it’s barbaric followers add so much to the West’s cultural diversity, don’t you think? :thinking:


Strange, that wasn’t my first thought regarding this. My thought was, Why the fuck do we allow the Islamic paedophile child molesters to remain in our country and what is wrong with this sick religion?


Let me see If I understand this?

This is a religion of peace and treats women with respect they claim the Western Society is lacking.

And in this case the 15 year girl was abducted, held prisoner, raped, had abortions and this is an example of treating women fairly?

And the police too afraid to do anything for fears that they will called “racists” and doctors doing the same thing.

Well you know what if you’re in law enforcement and you’re afraid of being called “racist” for doing the right thing, its time to resign and do something else, perhaps security job at your local fish and chip store.

And leftist american want open borders, sharia law, communism to exist in America

Like fucking hell it will, not on my watch or lifetime, this folks is why a guy like Trump is elected because he standing up to these type of people and their barbaric practices towards women.

I wish Nigel Farage or a man of his statue was Prime minister of Great Britain, the UK was once a terrific society , today its just looks like a satellite country for the Middle east and Sharia law, I wonder when the Muslims of the UK will demand the end of the monarchy


This might also help. The radio show host is Pakistani himself, 2% of the country (South Asian Muslims) account for 87% of type 1 criminal sexual assaults


Ahhh yes , Maajid Nawaz, the same Maajid who was accused of being an islamic hater/anti Muslim from the southern poverty law center

And Mr nawaz sued their asses and the Southern Poverty law center had to settle , issue a public apology announcing their mistake for slander.

GOOD FOR MR.NAWAZ for exposing the Southern Poverty law Center for the frauds they are and Im sure that 3.7 million dollar settlement hurt the SPLC

And for exposing the real problems with Islam and speaking the truth.

I just hope the left will take the Liberal wax out of their ears to actually listen to the truth.