New Member: LagerHead


Hi everyone - I just stumbled in and thought I’d join. I’m just getting into politics after spending too many years living in ignorant bliss. Now I can’t turn away. Don’t know what caused it but maybe you guys might appreciate a fresh set of eyes.

I’m from Delaware and I like to brew my own beer.


Welcome @LagerHead and glad you are here!


Welcome buddy and feel free to share any good recipes any time!



Now get to work…


If you are just getting into politics, you picked the right place :smiling_imp:


Welcome to the addiction my friend. Looking forward to your posts.


@LagerHead jump right in and don’t be afraid to post. Oh, and never respond to a shill. When you figure out who they are go to your profile and add them to the mute setting. It’s like they aren’t even here.


Welcome aboard @LagerHead don’t listen to what @Gray said above. If you are new you want to hear what everyone has to say, especially the people you disagree with. That’s how you learn.

Good hobby by the way…If I still owned my bar I’d buy a few kegs off of you!


Make yourself at home @LagerHead


Welcome and don’t be afraid to post!