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Hi everyone - I’m new here but I was around back when this was Political Debate Forums and before that when it was Political Buddies. I have been following along for about a month now. Glad to be here and see all of this discussion and activity.

I’m Joe - originally from Long Island but have been living here in Dallas for the past 10 years.


I’m new here since July never met any of these nice people before but am enjoying the discourse lot of good folks here. You probably know many of them.

I hear you are developing something of a football team down there….?

Welcome Joe!


Good to meet ya Steve!

In terms of the original members I’m probably one of the only ones that goes back to Political Buddies. I swung by back when Patriot took over Political Debate Forums but by the time he took it over it had been dead for a while. A lot of people went over to PoliticalForum but if they catch you openly promoting another forum they ban you. I sent some of the originals some private messages so I hope they read them and come by.

Yeah I think Dallas has been trying to play football for a few years now :wink:

I don’t get too many friendly looks when I show up to games wearing my Giants gear.


The Giants are a bit of a sore subject around here.



Oh I have been to some Patriot games in my day. You guys are 9-2 having a good run but need to work on that defensive line.Tighten that up and forget it.


Hey welcome to the team Joe.


Yeah the Jets/Pats game this past Sunday. I didn’t think the Pats were going to make it.


That’s blasphemy around here Jeff!

Being from New Jersey if you’re a Giants fan you’re 8-3. no one knows exactly how, but you are.

and 8-3 is pretty good in this league if they can hold on for 12-4 or even 11-5 maybe.



Welcome Joe! I guess I should do a new member post too!


Welcome Joe… How bout dem Boyz!! We have certainly had a run of bad luck of late but I think it is bringing Yankee draft picks that torpedoed the Americas Team…Tom Landry never would have allowed such a thing…:wink:


Howdy Joe and welcome back to the dysfunctional fam!


I made it in @Joe - hope Cindy and Shawn are doing well.