New Politiforum Feature: National Flags (In Progress)


I’m going to start doing more announcements about new features added to our community. Most of the features that I add are subtle, or run in the background to make the site more efficient. Over the next few weeks I will be adding some very visible features.

Here is the first one: A user-defined National Flag image to be displayed in posts next to each user name. You can select the flag in your profile settings. I have been testing this feature in my sandbox for the past few weeks. It seems to be working flawlessly, but things always change when deployed to a live production environment. The site may go down for a few moments as I restart the server. All posts being worked on will be autosaved.


User defined flags are now active.


Love it! Reminds me of /pol/ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be on pins and needles with this for the next few weeks since it is completely custom and will need to be monitored to ensure that future server wide updates don’t break it.


very cool…harr, harr, harr.


The flag options are in your profile settings @SteveSPHR there is a wide selection to choose from.


I love this. AMERICA!!


It’s the little things in life. Now, I need to complete the rest of my profile. Shame on me.


You and me both…I’m breaking the cardinal rule of discussion forums. Incomplete profile.


Even a UN flag! Nice touch.


I’ll see you a UN flag and raise you a North Korean.


I think this may have created a bug - when I hit reply the box vanishes but the post does not show up. When I refresh the page, it does.


Thanks @Tyfoon - try clearing your browser cache. I’ll look into the logs. I should have known better than to roll something out before I was about to sit down for dinner.


I’m not having that error, if that helps.


Testing for error with same browser config as @Tyfoon


Ok, well @Tyfoon I was able to recreate the error. That means you found a bug! Congratulations! I need to pull the feature out and re-work. Good catch!


Oh man, I was just about to set up my flag!


Sorry @kraken - I’ll be able to get it back up in no time. We just don’t want to create an error load on the server. It will screw other things up. Well - thanks for the short beta test! LOL


We are going down for a moment. Standby.


Testing posting capabilities with @Tyfoon browser configuration