New Politiforum Feature: Spoiler Alert


I feel bad about the National Flags feature having a bug for @Tyfoon within minutes of deploying it, so when I was cleaning up the site I thought that I would add in a feature I have been thinking about for a while - the spoiler alert.

In your posts, surround text or images with [spoiler] ... [/spoiler]

For example: I watched the murder mystery on TV last night. The butler did it. Many of you tend to self-censor profanity (which is appreciated) this tool helps with that too.

It even works for images that may be for mature audiences only (don’t worry this one is safe).

Just add the command on either end of your image text after it is uploaded:

[spoiler]<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/e/eb35da97f099f8ed78d54d911542778eb3d83e64.jpg" width="690" height="460">[/spoiler]


With all the commotion about the guidelines, I almost missed this. Cool feature!


I like how you are training us all to use markdown whether we realize it or not. Smart.


You can use HTML too…