News Junkie Reporting For Duty


Hey guys - I’m new here. Former PDF member and saw an invite from @Patriot sitting in my email. Thanks for the invite!


Welcome to our home!


I was wondering when you were going to grace us with your presence! I hope you haven’t lost your touch - I want obscure news stories now!


Thanks for joining! I’ve sent you a direct message with some hints as well (click your avatar). I sent out 400 invites to the former users at PDF and PoliticalDiscourse today. :+1:


Thanks! I hope everyone joins!

I just tried posting another post but I received a message that said I can only post 3 per day? I sent a private message to @Tyfoon and he posted it for me. Is there a limit on new users?


Welcome to the club of political forum dissidents and refugees. We grow stronger by the day! I’m new too and have been lazy about posting a new member thread. Thanks for the motivation!


Thanks for stopping by!


Great to have you here!


Yay! You made it! I sent Katie and Joe invites too.


Hello @NewsJunkie. Sorry for the late welcome… hope you enjoy !


Welcome and I look forward to your contributions!