Newspaper Publishers Association honors Maxine Waters with 'leadership' award


A ‘leader’ who openly advocates for violence and near-anarchy.

If only there were some Republican politicians who could point out what a farce this is.

And they wonder why newspaper readership is dropping.


Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize, Kathy Griffin gets comedian of the year award, and now crazy Maxine gets leadership award. What’s next? I guess they will give Hillary an award for best charity.


Leadership in the effort to impeach Trump and reverse the 2016 election! (aka subversion and sedition; Coup d’Etat; and Treason since Democrats are waging WAR in America against the government and the people - not “politics”!!!)


This has to be some kind of messed up joke. So inciting violence on people you oppose is leadership?


The press is part of the Trump resistance so it makes sense that they would honor a loudmouth who actually incites people to stalk and harass opponents. Trump calls the media fake news because they’re biased and they seem determined to do everything they can to prove him right.


These people are more DELUSIONAL than she isShe is the leader of the cerebaly impaired ( retarded) and those that are to lazy to do anything for themselves. :bomb:


Democrats are the minority party. Republicans are leading the congressional investigations, the DOJ and the FBI, including the special council probe. You guys continue blaming the party out of power.


How obtuse can you get?


That’s a bit broad, the press with a left bias, yes. Just as all the press with a right bias was part of the Obama resistance. It’s the unfortunate hyper-partisan situation we find ourselves in.


No, I think the mainstream media is openly anti-Trump. The stories and coverage are slanted all the time. But it goes well beyond being subtle. I heard Don Lemon outright call Trump a racist.

There was a time when the media gave us the facts, without slanting it, and allowed us to make up our own minds. Now they slant the facts to tell us what to think. Trump calls them fake news because they’re openly biased and they’re proving his point every day all day long. I can no longer trust anything they say without parsing through it for unbiased information and analyzing it myself.


Perhaps the left leaning MSM press is, just as the right leaning MSM is openly anti Obama and anti Democratic Party generally. Partisanship is at an all time high in my life.


Fox News is not anti-Trump and some of it is pro-Trump but, either way, I don’t consider it mainstream. All the major newspapers that I have seen are definitely anti-Trump.


I very much consider Fox mainstream, with a right bias. In fact, I think it might be the most viewed in America.


I considered news to be mainstream because it was unbiased not because it was widely watched. So you’re right. Mainstream media is now all the same kind of junk.


I remember as a young person ABC, NBC, and CBS, it was news and very littler or no opinion. Thanks to Fox and CNN, those days are gone, and America is the worse for it.