NIKE is dead


NIKE follows the NFL into the abyss.

A reply to nike

Colin Kaepernick: Nike suffer #justburnit backlash over advertising campaign. Good bye Nike


These companies seriously overestimated just how many SJWs are out there. Just because they drown out everyone on social media does not mean they outnumber us in the real world.


Nike is taking a long-term gamble. But last year Kaepernick was in the top 50 of NFL Jersey sales, despite the fact that he wasn’t on a team.

It’s a gamble no doubt.


Hopefully both Nike and Kaepernick get their arses handed to them


Some people just like having props to burn. Others gamble on sports collectibles being valuable later. Also, paid agitators may have caused a spike in the sales of his jersey as well. Their normal market demographic wasn’t buying the jersey of a shitty QB to begin with.


Are you asserting his jersey sales are a reflection of people trying to buy low sell high and not because of his popularity?


I guess NIKE got tired of backing reprobate Tiger Woods a couple years ago and replaced him with this POS.


There was that one restaurant that put his jersey down at every entrance to be used as a door mat for folks to wipe their feet on.


The should put his uniform in their rest rooms.




The only logical use for it


Yeah…probably does the job too. Durable yet thin. Machine washable and dryable!


Stock is down 3% today. If it goes down at that rate for the week, count me in as a buy low.




ha, maybe its time to Short the stock, good on you Nike, you want to be SJW’s you got it baby, and now you get to pay the price…

God I love capitalism :+1:


Nike will fire the ceo in a couple of months and not adress it lol


In case anyone forgot, boycotting an athletic apparel company is now racist :rofl:


Nike athletic shoes are manufactured mainly in China and other countries in Asia . None of their sneakers are manufactured in the United States… Child labor and wages that make $2 per hour look like a huge raise ! And a corporation that makes spoiled ignorant rich sports stars even richer ! Monte where do you buy your nike sneakers ???


She thinks this is about race, when in facts it is about the stupidity of Nike