NIKE is dead



In other words, 2%

Per the source you did not site


Left wing CEOS are killing companies


NIKE’s advertising is aimed at the demographic that buys their products, the under age 35 crowd many of whom are minorities,not atold white guys.


Old white guys buy shoes in masses for kids, schools, teams. Whole sale etc… that just ended

And are you saying black kids are ok with racism?


I stopped watching the NBA a while back and now the NFL. Let NIKE sell to the hood for all I care. Take a knee for all I care. I hope the stock drops to its knee also.


Hey…if Nike shits the bed maybe their sneakers will be cheap enough for all the black kids in the hood to buy that way they don’t need to steal them or kill each for a pair of cheap sweatshop sneakers.




Remind me again why MSM thinks the Republican Party has a race problem…



All cries of black oppression only comes from towns run by Democrats


Time for them to deploy the new Air Obama’s


And the Trumpers celebrate yet another American business in decline. I still want her in prison, but HRC was right about one thing.


I thought you people HATE Hollywood, why do you care what an actor says or does? :roll_eyes:


James woods is no longer a actor he’s been booted out because he’s smart


Nike is dead just like the other companies conservatives have said are dead



-Dick’s Sporting Goods





-Star Wars Films

-Merryl Streep

-Michelle Wolf

-The Black Panther Franchise



Don’t forget Obama’s 8 years lol


Can you draw yourself a triangle? If so it’ll probably be the first time you’ve made a point.


“As more consumers come to expect brands to reflect their moral and political values, a brand that takes a side on a controversial issue can strengthen its bond with a consumer segment, making them willing to buy more or to buy at a higher price.”


You right wingers really are delusional, u dub just today AMAZON became only the second company ever to surpass a $ONE TRILLION DOLLAR stock market valuation,Apple being the other one.


The under 35 crowd are Nike’s clients, not old white dudes.