NIKE is dead


Not burning anything, since I dont have nike shoes. Im jsut backing up claims I made about their stock atm. Here are some more commentaries on their stocks, with the other spins


Nike stock is sporting a PE Ratio of 68.31. Off 3 bucks a share from it’s Aug. 29th price however it’s still close to the 1 year high.

Top stock holders are mutual funds and they tend to hold stocks long term avoiding capital gains for mutual fund owners.

Not a stock for investors to buy at the current price in case anyone was wondering.


Willing to Sacrificing everything .
We have ‎1,281,900 active duty and ‎811,000 reserve personnel who can be called on to pay the price for all of our freedoms and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t even rank an honorable mention .


Nike made in the USA, NOT!!!


Dude!!! Come on and reveal it here, help us and help sell American goods…


I totally agree with that assessment. And if Nike is to be demonized for making their product overseas, then what of Trump that makes his products overseas…


I was doing some chain jerkin. American made All Stars are easily found with a few searches. Just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Oh shit, lol. Ok…


No one is talking about Nikes strategic business dealings… you can’t get away with selling shoes in a country you openly hate


But I do buy American whenever I can. Texas Jeans are very well made & reasonable.


I’m with ya! But we hurt America merchants if we don’t buy *the product because it’s made else where because of bad trade deal Democrats and some republicans let happen.


Texas Jeans: 100% Made in The USA Jeans gridplaceholder\ 191x292
Conceal/Pocket:Waist 44-52


Is anybody here over the age of 40 that remembers if somebody disrespecting the American flag in front of your grandfather that person would he got shot in the fucking face? What happen?


People over the age of 40 did a shit job raising their kids


Wasn’t the question …


I do believe it was the question

The notion is that young kids these days are disrespectful… What does that say about the parents?


I’m going to give them a try. Thanks


There was more content… can you read? No disrespect


With all our faults, all our warts, hands down, this is “thee” greatest country in recorded history. To raise a kid properly, an occasional whack on the ass is necessary. The shortest route to the brain. Any whack I got as a kid, I totally deserved. Never ever abuse, just getting my attention. You send a kid to school today, with a red ass, and the child welfrare SWAT team will be surrounding your house. I remember once, doing something stupid, and probably dangerous; and the old man said, if you don’t stop that you will get hurt. I continued. Next thing I know I got a big smack on my ass.Then the old man says, see, I told you, you’d get hurt.


but silly regressive lefitst will say hitting your child is abuse, even a tap on the ass is abuse, meanwhile today kids have no respect for authority today and life doesnt mean squat to them.

Gone are the old days where ,if you misbehaved at school or called a teacher out or talked back to them, you would get a smack in the ass, fingers tapped by the teacher, then sent to the prinicpal office, and if the principal was a hard ass he or she would give you a smack and call your parents and mom would pick you up from school and all she had to say was " wait until your father gets home" and boy did you get it.

Today you cant even yell at a kid its abuse, if you even hug a child in need the teacher might face sexual assault charges, if the principal even touched the kid as in to discipline that principal is up on charges and forget about the parents spanking the spoiled little brat, the parents will spending their life savings or remortgaging the house to play for legal bills to defend themselves.

Kids today arent taught a thing, no discipline, no coping skills, no critical thinking skills, most liberal kids are soft, look at the colleges with their safe spaces, microaggressions and other crap.

they are weak, look at the shooter in Jacksonville Florida , the weak minded 24 year old that shot up a gaming competition because he lost, and then when his background was made public, he lived at home with his mother, argued a lot with her, called the cops on her years ago because she was unfair to him taking away his video game because he played to 2 to 3 am in the morning wouldnt go to school, bathe, etc. can you say lack of priorities and /or mental issues?

Today’s millennials most of them on the left are weak and pathetic, Did you know that Joe Bonnano one of the founding members of the La cosa nosta commission and boss of a crime family was 26 years old?

Al Capone was 25 when he headed the Chicago outfit, Elliot ness was 22 when he assigned to go after Capone.

At 25 year old today , most of them are living at home under their parents (Un)affordable health care, if they have a job its usually at starbucks, walmart or other retail places.

And you wonder why kids are committed crime at an alarming rate, and feminists today want the family and patriarchy eliminated?