NIKE is dead


Back to the OP. Ever since I started (and a few years later stopped) running, I have bought New Balance. NB fights pronation (hence the name) and up until a few years back were made exclusively in the USA. I bought one pair of Nikes, didn’t fit well, and eventually gave them to Salv. Army

I would not buy Nike anything after this. The whole premise of the BLM movement is by actual numbers, a huge lie. Krapernick’s ‘protest’ is just self aggrandizing nonsense that did not get his mediocre skillset a job as a QB. Now Nike hopes that adolescent rebellious emotionalism will sell more Nike products. They might, just not to me.

What pillar of humanity Nike imagines itself to be.



Oh, that damn Trump it’s all his fault.


Just went to there website and ordered several pair and went to checkout to find its temporarily off line for maintenance. Don’t know if it hours or days. I’ll try them again later.


Since this thread is about “Nike is dead”, lets point out another blunder they make in recent history


Yet 2018 has been a steady climb in their stock


Wouldnt be surpised. Even Nike is benefiting from the tax cut.


Every time my dad gave me a whack on the ass (which was seldom), he prefaced it with, “This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you.”

My ass!


Steve Martin, the owner of Prime Time Sports in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said he is just going to “do it” even if it hurts his business.

Buy your shoes here!


What… you into fat shaming now… good for you, maybe we can actually get people to look at their body objectively and not have to pay as a society for their over indulgence because you want me to pay for their bad habits… just sayin…


Yeah…!!! I got that same line. He also told me that anything I got at school I could expect double when I got home… now in that, he wasn’t fibbing one bit.




Plenty of College football on today and NASCAR tomorrow.





He’s just mad because he doesn’t do the subway commercials anymore…:laughing:


World wide, this kaepernick ad has performed silly well. Nike has managed to cash in on worldwide anti-trump opinions on this one and is getting a tremendous amount of free media coverage, even by the president himself.

Nike has proven that the gains in foriegn markets outweigh the domestic losses in opposing trump. Trump has put more tarriffs on our allies than on china afterall, nike managed to capitalixe on a world market that is hostile to America and trump.


Correct, and freebird posters will join in the joy at seeing an American business doing well. MAGA


A ad disrespecting America should be accepted in America?? Should the kkk buy an add in the black community with a picture of a noose “ vote Democrat or this? “

I mean come on … where in the logic


Not the conclusion here jitss, it shouldnt be accepted in america (well, not trump america…so 1/3 to 1/2 of america). Nike didnt do this to make a political statement, they did this for profit.

Trump should recognize the tactic from apprentice days. How many advertising campaigns in history have been publically commented on by a sitting president? Millions, potentially billions now, are aware of this advertising campaign and thr majority of them are not pro-trump. Its kinda sad, you can now make the arguement that nike just used trump to produce the widest seen advertising campaign in history and the rage against kaepernick is an advertising / marketting goldmine.

Any loss to Nike in America has easily been offset by sales in china, and then major profits from the increase in europe.

If you thibk about it…tariffs were likely going to make a dent in nike sales in America anyway, they were looking at a 25% increase just from new taxes/tariffs hitting them. They turned a loss in America markets to pretty strong gaind worldwide simply by siding against trump.

If there is a political statement to be found here, its aimed at trumps tariffs and trade wars.




Actually not it wont Mark, because Companies have figured out ways to get around tariffs.

Certain companies have figured out by getting U.S. Customs approval to alter activated areas of the trade zones around its warehouse

There is a plant in Lansing , N.C called United Chemi Con, to get around Trump’s tariffs on products destined for America they’ve expanded their trade zone and some companies like the aforementioned avoid paying duties on good shipped to them and vice versa.

Its one of the loopholes available to some companies…