NIKE is dead


Trade zones aren’t a loophole for avoiding Trump’s tariffs on products destined for the U.S. market, but they can be a way for companies to avoid duties on goods shipped to the U.S. and subsequently exported

The loopholes work on imports that are then exported. Not on products that are sold in the US. Tariffs still equate to a tax on the US public.


I also said certain companies not all companies


With a little more research, im really surprised by this loophole. If a company imports japanese steel into the US, the factory doesnt need to pay tariffs as long as the resulting manufactured item is not sold in America.

Would mean a company would have to ensure their supply lines buy american steel except when creating exports…that or its cheaper to buy american goods in foriegn nations.

Added…doesnt help when the export falls into the categories of american goods that are seeing retaliatory tariffs against american goods.


A lot of companies have figured out ways around laws and regulations, which is why adding more regulations on top of regulations is a waste of time and the only one that feels the pinch is

the worker and the consumer, everyone else profits big time


I guess one can argue that the business of avoiding tariffs is its own profitable industry that the tariffs spawned.

Actually this does ease concerns that american industries were fighting double tariffs…they pay the first set of tariffs on their imported raw materials such as steel, aluminum, and lumber…and then hit again a second time by retaliatory tariffs by other nations we export to.


and the companies who are large enough knows how to get around the rules that is why they have such huge legal department, its the smaller cap companies that pay the price.

Nike will be one of them who can get around the rules


Agreed. In the end, trump is an industrialist that will side with the big corporations in his trade wars while fvcking the little guys as he goes. He can rally himself and his base against Nike all he wants, but in the end its corporate entities like nike that will thrive. Might be why trump is responding to this like its a stab in the back.

I wonder if a trade zone is the solution to american keg co’s woes as well.

(Makes the title of this thread semi ironic.)


No, SOME cops are shooting people of color in very dubious circumstances. Like in the back when they’re running away, and when they’re setting in their cars and reaching for their wallets when they’re asked for a drivers license, or even just living in their own apartments. Not just people of color are pissed off about this!!!


Wow Monte, that response comes out of deep left field. Unless im mistaking, Alexc’s comic does a good job of pointing out Nikes use of social issues to sell products. Infact your response is exactly what he is pointing out…get your righteous indignance on, buy Nike. Er…mind editting your post to end as ‘not just people of colour are pissed off about this!!! Buy nike!’?

Heh its almost painful seeing a post pointing out a corporation using heated social issues to sell product get met with a heated response on the social topic.


So Nike cashes in.
I once had a cop ask me to take my hands out of my pockets. What did I do? I took my hands out of my pockets. I respect the law cause they are there working to serve and they are treated like they are all shit. They are not. They have become more weaponized because the criminals are more weaponized. BTW criminals are not law abiding citizens.
If you’re a law abiding liberal that blaims guns so you don’t have one to defend your family and if a criminal breaks into your home are you gonna call the police for help or are you gonna order some Nikes from Amazon? Fuck Nike and their slave labor cheap shoes and their cheap stunt to capitalize on devision.


Are you an American Mark, do you happen to live in America?


Well, if you’re a person of color, you’re a lucky man…


If they have a gun in hand, they are still a deadly threat regardless if they are running away. Dude in the car had a CCW, was armed and didn’t follow the officers directions…get ur fake news ass outta here…


Nope, I’m pretty sure I didn’t blame guns. I blamed bad cops killing people of color in dubious fashion…


You act like there is an epidemic of cops killing black folks,I hate to break it to you Montecresto, but more white folks are being shot by police than black folks, black folks shooting just makes the news more often vs white killings.

Except for the Australian woman who was killed by a Muslim officer, when was the last white shooting that made national news?

According the Washington post, over 700 been shot by police, 278 whites compared to 129 blacks, 97 Hispanic and 176 unknowns, Im not sure what Unknowns are, Illegals most likely

if cops are killing black people wouldn’t the numbers reflect that?

I looked at their last couple of years stats, whites died more those years too, double the black rate

so why isnt that an issue?

It only seems if youre a minority or trans or LBGT and whatever alphabet letter that comes after that , they care about those lives vs others



Aren’t you the devisive one. I bet you hate it when blacks leave the plantation mentality the dems offer. Thank goodness they are #walkingaway in droves and feel free at last.
Do you get all your limited narratives from CNN and MSNBS? You keep it up like a true comrade.
Your limited view point of white cops killing blacks is racist and you ignore the facts that most blacks are most likely to be shot by their own race. But you steer away from that fact. No profit in that.
I expect a smarmy & racist reply from you.


What value is such hyperbole???


what value is such hyperbole???


what are you trying to say here?


You think black people being 17% of the population that that’s profound, come on man…


I never claimed epidemic and such hyperbole is useless for debate.