NIKE is dead


actually according the last census African Americans make up 12.7% of the population, Hispanics make up 17% of the population

I often wondered how many hillbillies get shot by police? I cant find any stats .

and yes you claimed or youve posted that people of color are being killed by bad cops, there are only a few cases of innocent blacks being shot by inept, corrupt or racist cops.

Its just they make national news, like that kid that was shot by police for running away when the cop told him to stop, I mean the kid who was supposed to be some honor student hanging out with gang bangers involved in a prior shooting

Can you say Stoooopid.


Ok, there you go. Even more to my point then…


More blacks are shot by black cops not whites


There’s nothing inconsistent between those two statements…


Sorry, in the America I grew up in, cops didn’t shoot somebody running away in the back. Tennessee v Garner gave us that.

Can you say stooooooopid?


and how many law enforcement officers have been gunned down by black men/gang bangers?

care to guess ?


Straw man argument…


Bullshit! Answer the question, boy!


nothing like digging up an 18 year old story montecresto… really?

the candidate was a 49 year old college graduate who took the test 4 years prior, now you have to ask yourself, a 49 year old college grad wanting to be a cop? righhhtttttt.

And the court disagreed with his lawsuit, and they were right , he might get bored and quite wasting the resources of the city to train new officers.

and now he is a prison guard

montecresto, I read everything, you need to update your sources man.


Lmao. It doesn’t matter when courts ban high IQ’s for cops. That you don’t think it’s a problem is telling.


when a 49 year old college graduate applies to the police force, yes I do think its a problem or more like he has the problem or two.

He probably wants to join the police force to see if he gets some leg

if he was so smart with the high IQ why not apply to law school?


Because he wants to be a cop. But smart cops aren’t sought after apparently… :wink:


@Montecresto1 doesn’t believe in facts or data, only his deluded virtue-signalling opinion is important


is this a joke? watch learn, they know exactly what they are doing


When somebody breaks into your house monte call NIKE.


Why can’t I deal with that myself??


As usual, a liberal’s strange idea of what a court decision is. They didn’t ban anything in this decision. They declined to ban a strange criteria used by NYC.

This stems from the liberal’s inability to see that courts have bounds on their power.


Funny watching a conservatives attempt to defend liberal courts. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wasn’t defending a liberal court, I was attacking your reading comprehension.

I don’t have much of an opinion on the merits of the decision. I am amused by the guy’s argument - that IQ is a protected class and so they can’t discriminate.


It is both amusing and a bit troubling to see that liberals want courts to be show political bias.