NIKE is dead


Heh god this thread is funny, i must say hats off Montecristo. Youve managed to derail comments on Nike profitting from racial social issues such as police on minority violence with…well a discussion on police on black violence. With abilities like this, you should be the next in the line of spicer, scaramucci, and huckabee sanders.


Nike’s share prices:

3/12/18 - $66.82
8/21/18 - $82.95
9/4/18 (Kaep announcement) - $79.60

Today - $82.63

The Kaep announcement was a blip on the radar


Sometimes a thread becomes a sucked orange and drifts…


Especially when Monte maintains his position on the left side of the Frequent Posters list.


I expect that they’ll quietly drop Kaepernick on these ads. The guy is a clod and he’ll wear out his welcome with them.


Sadly its not a blip, its a success for Nike. Theyve successfully used social issues as a marketting campaign that they are profitting from. New age war profiteering at its finest.


Of course you were as that’s all you ever do is personally attack posters whom you can’t debate. Apparently you didn’t read the article. The court found that New London had a reasonable policy of not hiring applicants with high IQ’s. One of the problems with some of the trigger happy cops on American police forces.


Police on minority violence/police on black violence.

Hats off to you for a post that has nothing to do with the op.


Nope, neither are in the abyss. Both are doing fine.


Youve long lost sight of whst the op was. The attack on your reading comprehension seems strangely on topic at this time.


Why don’t you post something on the op topic which happens to be about Nike’s use of Kaepernick and his protestation of police abuse of people of color, and stop derailing the thread with your insults of me.


Your posts making absurd claims are more amusing than when you become the forum scold.


Nike’s use of Kaepernick

Yes. And my post is on topic to this

and his protestation of police abuse of people of color

No and you keep derailing on this. Your belief that it is = valid reason to question your reading comprehension skills.


You’re still off topic. :wink:


That’s because this thread is stale. Who cares if Nike stock goes up or down? I’m with the New Balance guy, I’ve got snowshoe feet.


Nice, you’ve got three posts in this thread now and not once have you discussed Nike and their add featuring Kaepernick, or the op’s claim that it’s killed Nike. :roll_eyes:


Ok, well if you don’t care about the op, then suit yourself and derail away.


Nope, they’re doing quite well.


Lol its a beautiful dream world you live in monte. My first post in the thread you liked, quoted, and responded by saying ‘correct’. Since then i pointed out your derailment tactics and youve reacted in a whiny child ‘im not derailing, you are, wah!’ Manner.


Four posts off topic now. :roll_eyes: