NIKE is dead


Hey, freedom of expression.


And people who have no racial hang ups, which explains why the Nike brand is doing just fine…


Nike stock price seems to be increasing, its up for the past 5 days.
lets see how they did by the end of the year.


Oh dear, another Hollywood elite is boycotting something. Who cares.


One might guess that anytime a company takes a political stance, a large portion of the population will agree with it.


Theyll do well by year end as well, Nike will win on this gamble sadly. The international economy that is anti-trump due to his trade war with allies (plus china) will propel it. There are Belgians that dont know american football isnt soccer that know kaepernicks name and the anti trump symbol it is.


That’s kind of an odd comment to me. Speaking for myself, I’ve never expected anything moral or political out of products that I buy, just performance.


The genius here with Nike is hard to deny though. Nike traditionally takes a lot of heat from the left. I earn 18 cents per day working in a Nike factory in china. Just do it, or get whipped. Now these anti nike voices are lining up to support them with black crime arguements simply because theu now align with the anti trump movement. Its a mix of sad, hypocrisy, and pathetic.


Monte we both know it is abortion reducing the black population percentage and not white cops.

So let’s be real. Sneakers are a sideshow. NIKE should really be investing in Planned Parenthood baby butcher mills.


Oh, I’m not going to argue with you on that.


And I’m sure you’d be approving of that, lord knows you wouldn’t want the extra numbers of black people that would be here if not for those abortions taking place.


I just thought that since that’s NIKE’S demographic that they’d want to limit the slaughter of their customers.


I think they’re doing fine.


Lol Nike is done … how many liberal CEO’s have been fired in the past year? Haha


Love it when articles come out with my position after i posted it :grin:


You damn sure did nail it Mark. I did the same thing back when Obama was elected predicting the windfalls that it would be to Fox News, who privately didn’t want a McCain win.

Fox’s senior vice president for programming, Bill Shine, says of the criticism from the White House, “Every time they do it, our ratings go up.” Mr. Obama’s first year is on track to be the Fox News Channel’s highest rated.


A sales blip at the beginning of the school year is one thing. People don’t buy sneakers everyday. We will see how this works out in the long run.

When coaches arrange footwear and other apparal for entire teams they will think twice.

When police and firefighter families buy product they will remember.

Political alianation of large segments of the population is not a great marketing strategy.


I was wrong.

The country is in much worse shape than I ever imagined.





oh you just nailed it man…