Niki Haley fails to get any votes on Gaza Res


One ambassador stated that in all his years at the UN, he’s never seen such a colossal collapse of a resolution. :joy:

Looks like the world is good and fed up with the US constantly defending its ME puppet.


Big Deal!!!The U.N. Fuked the U.S.again!!! The an enabler of Radical Islamic Terrorism ,Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel is constantly defending its borders from terrorism which is defending its SOVEREIGNTY.
The U.S. should give the U.N. 6 mths. to find another home. If after that time no place is found ,the U.S. should physically EVICT the U
N. There should be plenty of space available in Moscow or Tehran for the U.N.
The U.S.should ignore the U.N. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:and go our on way.


Another reason why the US should deport the UN 100% to the EU where they can flourish.


No, they are preventing the US from unconditional support for Israel’s crimes.


You’re attitude proves what many have known all along about the conservative mindset. It’s the US’s way or the highway. As long as the US controlled the UN, it was a useful tool. With more and more of the world fed up with US imperialism, hegemony and nation building/destroying, you can expect to see more. The attitude your espousing is further belligerence when what we (and the world) need is a fresh USFP.


I’m not espousing belligerence! Israel has stood alone for far to many years with the its side.The like the Dems ,obstruct no matter what !
The U.N. has consistently worked against the U.S. cooperating with 3rd rate Banana Republics ,Excrement hole countries or anyone opposed to the U.S.
It’s time for them to find another home and for the U.S. to DRASTICALLY reduce funding, paying only for what we need to. There are PLENTY more other countries to pick up the slack. I’m for America 1st, not for America to get the 1st Fuking.:imp:


Israel protects it’s borders and it’s criminal.

Only in the mind of a liberal.


The abstentions speak for themselves. IMHO opinion they did not to vote NO to the US resolution, but also did not want to offend those who did by voting YES…so they just didn’t vote.

One can get some insight into which countries hate Israel and which don’t by reading this list of votes.

Here are the members of the UN Security Council.

Of those (128) that voted YES on a resolution to condemn President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, 11 are on the Security Council.


This event at the UN was about Israel and their heavy handedness against the Palestinian civilians. Haley couldn’t get a single vote to stop the Kuwait proposal. Trump is destroying America and burning our historical allies while he’s talking about bringing the nastiest dictator in the world to the White House and normalizing relations with that murderous regime. Even as he had nothing but disdain for Obama over his efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, and his supporters here, hypocritically silent till now that I’ve stuck your noses in it. Now you’ll be forced to defend the fat ass TIC bringing the murderous despot into our White House. Pathetic.


I suppose Israel should install revolving gates and forget about defenders the borders against TERRORISM .Netanyahu can resign and Abbas can become PM.:sunglasses:


Give the Palestinians their own State. Stop building settlements in Palestinian territory, let them have the same thing that they lobbied for 70 years ago.


All the Palestinians have to do is recognize Israel’s right to exist and then maybe a meaningful process can start. It doesn’t take a SUPER NERD to understand this. They are more content to needlessly sacrifice young lives out of spite which hardens Israel’s response to the protests and terrorism. :bomb:


Good lets get it on ! Screw the socialist inspired Islamic backing punks with their perpetual hand for American aid !


As soon as their RTI is recognized!!


The Palestinian’s made their bed with Hamas now they can reap the reward of being a terrorist state !


Negative, and the world will continue to oppose the US at the UN.


What about all those fuzzy friendly allies we giving American jobs and money too ?


I thought the unemployment was effectively zero. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The U.N. needs us more than we need them!!! Let’s give them ZERO taxpayer dollars until they wise up!!! :dragon_face:


As the US is the largest financial contributor, yes they cannot survive with out us. Time to kick the UN free and let the rest of the world support their corrupt ways.