Niki Haley fails to get any votes on Gaza Res


There’s plenty of space available in Moscow or Tehran!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::woman_zombie::clown_face::clown_face:


What about all those fuzzy friendly allies we keep giving American jobs and money too ?


It’s not about that. And the US was instrumental in the organizations creation.


The UN’s going NOWHERE.


It’s all about anti American sentiment in the socialist slanted U.N !
Maybe it’s time we cut our losses and use the money we save supporting the U.N and poor nations to pay down the national debt !




You guys never want to cut funding for stupid wars. Even the TIC has decried the money (7 trillion) wasted on foolish military adventurism in the ME, while increasing the pentagon budget though.


Time to de-fund that BS terrorist UN and let Russia , Iran , and China foot the bill !!! :roll_eyes:


Obama cut military spending for seven years !
In 2010, national security spending made up 20.1% of the federal budget, but in 2015 it was roughly 15.9%. Over that same period, spending declined from 4.6% of gross domestic product to 3.3%.
Under Obama we lost more solders in training accidents then in combat . Combat readiness was at a all time low !


Combat readiness was at a all time low.

And will take time to rebuild.

How quickly they forget.

Air Force struggling with fighter pilot shortage amid ongoing air wars
Published August 11, 2016

But then again his hatred of Trumps only matched by his hatred of the military.


When 10% would more than serve truly defensive needs. It’s military adventurism that cost so much. Though he’s compounding the problem as president, the candidate did correctly point to 7 trillion dollars wasted in the ME, since 2001. Also, I posted reports for you sometime ago that the pentagon is asking for even more money in order to continue to maintain global control of natural resources. The DOD has very little to do with legitimate defense, shrug.


Now when I look at unread posts if it belongs to Stevie/John i just hit the dismiss and GONE.


Wait a minute, you guys keep claiming that it’s congress who has the purse, which is it??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Show me the data that say the 10% cut didn’t effect combat readiness .


Obama had the veto and never even threatened to use it !
President Trump signed his first budget for national security and told congress it would be the last one filled with pork he would sign !


That means nothing as he lies too much to be trusted on that. He’ll continue to add more, and far more than Obama did as his first piece already did.


And yet America prospers go figure !


If you call prosperity via debt prospering. :roll_eyes:


And yet America prospers go figure !


America is drowning in debt. That’s a false sense of prosperity. And the TIC PROMISED to pay it off until he got the job. Now he’s adding to it like his predecessors, shrug.