No, Tax Cuts Don't Kill People


Not everyone is compelled to drive. Everyone is (was) compelled to buy health insurance. There’s a difference. You can also thank democrats for forcing people to buy car insurance too.


Every piece of your reason dies with reality and the only thing that is left is your hatred dictating your opinion.


Na lies won’t work here buddy, make believe
has to go someplace else.


What the hell does that even mean? Literally made no sense.

Hatred dictating opinion. Ha!

Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government can force people to buy a private sector good or service. Be exact. I don’t want my hate to confuse things.


WEll obviously I’m speaking to a sector that has the capacity to understand simple concepts.


More bullshit, The insurance had it’s day in court , and there was nothing the matter with it , so buddy that’s only in the minds of the made up interpretation of the constitution.


If you think any part of Obama care is unconstitutional you have the right to take it to court , yourself as a individual. So either make a stand or shut up.


You people are blind , if competition dictates jobs and pay, why during the highest profits in history, the highest GDP in history , the highest rate of increase in profit in history not add up to more pay for the people . It did one thing though, maximized the percentage of gross that was profit to the highest level in history. All this during the OBama administration. More right wing bullshit


You really don’t have a good argument do you… Other than to scream and yell and berate people

@Patriot Please… Please make this thread killer disappear… I know that you only act when people flag a post but every single time this … er… individual gets on a thread it goes up in flames…


Funny, my argument is so bad that all your opposition to it is threatening to get rid of me. It would seem like you would simply want to have a group of one string puppet, to agree with your nonsense and hatred you want to sell here. .


Just tired of your attitude. If you actually had decent arguments and quit calling anyone who challenges your position with names you might be considered a fair addition to the discussion. P.S. If you believe that being a citizen is conditional on being forced by the government to buy something, then I can see where you equate requirements of getting a drivers license with citizenship…


Your ridiculous, no one has argued any point I made, I have argued the points your group have made. So I’m giving a argument against your groups comment and your not giving a argument against my posts ,other then you don’t like what I say and you don’t like me. Big fricken deal. As usual just more lies and distortions from your crazy little group your so proud to be part of.


I have only responded to your comments. showing that they are bullshit.

This might be a place to start. Explain this to the world , Scott


Here’s another of my comments that could use a response. Scott


This to the people who say Obama care is unconstitutional. Answer that Scott.


I have never had a bill turned down not do I know anyone.

I suspect they would turn down a bill from a out of network quack.


It’s not unconstitutional however it is responsible and unsustainable.


Then you know little about the subject , try this out (The use of rescission by insurance companies.)


In short… government. If you do not understand the relationship between government and these large corporations then you do not understand my position. You will be hard pressed to find a true monopoly that is not supported or protected by the government. Crony Capitalism is what you see, not honest competitive business. It is interesting that the left gets so irate at any attempt to dismantle this ill relationship and of course they are lead by people like Soros and Gates. You know that of the top ten richest people in the world 6 are from the US and all are democrats… One just has to wonder why they are so opposed to removing their ability to push anti competitive legislation…


I just read through all of your posts on this thread. You actually aren’t making an argument. You state your opinion which is easily refuted by the opinions of others. If you just want to shitpost go on Twitter.