No, Tax Cuts Don't Kill People


Who in the hell cares. what a pile of garbage.


Enough is enough of this - @Patriot this is beyond some bants.


Agreed. None of that was necessary to debate the points of constitutionality, health insurance, or taxation. Unfortunately some people believe that free speech only means that they have the freedom to anonymously and relentlessly insult people.


It’s the lack of civility that is the direct result of social media which is totally anonymous.

Can’t imagine someone making comments to a persons face like the above as it certainly would have repercussions. Probably physical in nature.

The divisiveness that originated in the last 9 years is over the top.


Did the dude get banned?


Click on his avatar. Suspended until Dec 28, 3017 at 8:00 AM.


Try this out.


Apparently you misunderstood what I stated.

As a side note, there is little incentive for insurance companies to refuse payment on a bill as thy must spend 80% of premiums on payouts as it’s required by law.


Yes. It’s a very rare occurrence but when it happens it is justified.


Thank you, he was only here to abuse others, and I’m relieved he’s gone. Compared to him, I miss Steve HRSPR.


And what the left needs to understand is WORK will NOT kill anyone !!! Time to end this welfare Nation !


Your saying that reminds me of an old TV program (no doubt before your time) called Doobie Gillis. Doobie has a sidekick, Maynard G. Krebs who is a beatnik and has such an aversion to work that when the word is spoken outloud:…


I can not get the damn insurance, period! It would cost me 10K a freaking year, I do not have that laying around. I can afford to see the doctor with cash and they do take that. So toy think some should pay and risk bankruptcy while other can get it free and drive a new car with their EIC as a down payment. While other help pay for their food, rent, power… phone.


That’s half the population these days !