Nordic Socialism Is Realer Than You Think


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I think they want to say that countries who build their societies with socialized policies are not socialized. And then there’s the constant confusion with them between economic systems and government structure.


Hey hey hey!!! Easy there.


Social policies does not make a country Socialist, only Socialism does that


Essentially you have socialism in the form of public pension, collective bargaining, health, education etc., with a free market. An equitable capitalist economy unlike the US with its predatory capitalism.


you mean crony capitalism when you say predatory capitalism right?


Then it is not Socialism. You can’t have Socialism and a free market. With Socialism, the state controls the means of production, product and commodity pricing and wage levels. Do some research for once


On Norway…

It’s taken as an article of faith that socialism—high taxes, government regulation, robust social safety nets—are bad for entrepreneurs and bad for economic growth. But one of the world’s most entrepreneurial economies—with more entrepreneurs per capita than even the U.S.—is also heavily taxed, highly regulated, and fully welfared-up.


And mostly homogeneous too and when they ( Like Sweden) accept too many economic migrants whose purpose is to extract as much financial resources as possible, we shall see how the private sector reacts and if they start voting with their feet


There’s a shortage of jobs in Sweden. Migrants want to work but jobs are scarce. There’s other problems too.


There are problems in Sweden and their ahem Nordic Socialist system?

I thought according to Democrat Socialists that its the perfect system and America should model it?

A migrant worker who from what Ive read, works, pay taxes and even bought an apartment, their kids in Swedish school , sounds like he was contributing to Swedish society is force to leave the country because he worked too much.

Dude you need to get your ass to America because you can work all you want and not get punished, if you find a job in Sweden you can find a job in America where companies welcome people like you .

you would think Sweden would bend over backwards for this type of immigrant vs the lazy scheming dirt bags looking for a Bernie Sanders handout.

Even socialists gets its wrong.


I’ll wait while you find any Americans declaring that the Nordic system is perfect. Perfection exists pretty much nowhere.

But you claimed that migrants are in Sweden to milk their welfare state and I demonstrated that they’re there to work. There’s just job shortages.


You demonstrated that one migrant wanted to work


Most migrants are hard working and contribute, that’s why they migrate, that’s why they’re referred to loosely as “economic migrants”

But Trump doesn’t want migrants like the guy in my link from Iraq, he wants those pasty white Swedes.


Please provide evidence of you assertion


That’s just factually incorrect. In many cases it’s the natural born citizens that are setting around on welfare and the migrant that’s out working their asses off. And there’s been many complaints from EU citizens that migrants are flooding across the border and stealing jobs.

“# Job numbers, benefit claims rise for migrants to Germany

A surprising number of migrants have found work as the German economy prospers, new statistics show. But studies have also found that non-EU migrants continue to make up a disproportionate number of welfare recipients.”


They have to have jobs, or they’ll be on welfare. It can’t be both ways.


according to all the social democrats and Uncle Bernie supporters they all think its perfect, all the lazy spoiled millennials

You believe most economic migrants to France, Germany, Sweden and the UK are hardworking and they contribute?

That is too funny, if they were contributing most people wouldn’t have a problem with them

I don’t know what you’ve been watching or reading but the evidence says different

Trump has never said he doesn’t want hardworking immigrants that Migrate to the US legally, he doesn’t want illegal immigrants who commit crimes, don’t assimilate and care about our laws.

and finally why is the unemployment rate among these “migrants” high.

Your local paper in Sweden published that fact, Sweden born unemployment 6.9 % down from 7.3% and immigrant unemployment or foreign born as they call it, 19.9% down from 21.8%

perhaps you can explain this to us Montecresto

By the way the guy in your link wasn’t from Iraq, he was from Nepal.