North Korea and South Korea Unification Incoming


The White House has a big announcement at 7:00 PM EST. My bet is announcing talks about reunification between north and south along with NK abandoning their nukes.


You might be right. One thing we know is President Trump is officially going to meet with Kim Jong Un.


Congrats to President Trump!!! Finally a REAL LEADER that has NK ( Lil Kim) taking the first step with him.
No one is making any.promises ,but if the meeting takes place,that is more progress than past Presidents made ,regardless of what made Lil Kim make the offer.
If it takes place, another Big Loss for the Leftist Democrats.


All the pundits are down playing this but if a meeting were to take place it would be historic. Trump achieves this, Obama couldn’t even get stairs to his plane in China.


The Leftists are mad because President Trump has more TESTICLES than HRC. But I could be wrong, maybe she takes Testosterone shots.


Think about it.

NK has contaminated their test site which will likely vent radiation should the set off another Nuc. Think China may get a bit upset as it’s a short distance away.

The conversation will likely go like this:

If you give me 400 billion dollars and end sanctions like you gave Iran I will halt all testing.


I would like to think that this is somehow ‘different’ but I suspect like all other advancements in his program and tentative meetings of one sort or another… short term bribery is the goal… does Trump fall for it or does he actually have an idea how to get the US out of Korea and if he does, how much pushback does he get from his own government?


Should be most interesting.

I suspect the Chinese said no more testing before he has a major radiation leak.


A couple of season passes to the Pintons should do the trick. Throw in a gift certificate to a Hollywood hair stylist.


I just heard on my local talk radio station that when Kim Jong Un met with the president of South Korea for dinner, he was actually very relaxed and making jokes about how the president of South Korea can start sleeping in now because he won’t be launching off rockets so early in the morning. The report also said that both Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in were both drinking heavily. Sounds like a good sign to me.


For what? What has he done regarding North Korea besides call names and drop his SOS’s ass in the grease while he’s been working on diplomacy. And where in all this is the assurance that NK will not become a nuclear state?


What report, Alex jones.


Unification huh??? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


How so, and what centrist would even make such a statement???


By NK taking the 1st step with President Trump, something maybe accomplished.Unlike past Presidents, he hasn’t paid bribes to NK.
He didn’t say there would be a nuclear war or invasion only that there would be swift and decisive military response if they launched a missile to Japan or Guam .
If he can get NK to agree to Denuclearization, something no other President has done,he would be able to give his full attention to Iran.
There is a calculated method to Trumps process. He has not WIMPED OUT as past Presidents have done. He has properly read the TEA LEAVES with NK despite the Leftists on CNN and MSNBC calling him a warmonger.
TOWELHEADS in Tehran you are next!!!


Well that’s for Mueller to sort out.


Free 25 Million people.

Draw down 24 Thousand US service people.

Who’s Mueller may I ask?


Jumping the gun a little there. Nothings happened yet. And what are you talking about freeing 25 million people. The unverifiable nukes won’t be going anywhere. But if they did, I bet you guys would trust the same process that you’ve criticized in Iran because the TIC said it.


You will never admit that President Trump has upstaged the Leftist Democrats again and did without military action which burns their ass.
There aren’t any.promises being made, but President Trump deals from SRENGTH not from his knees like his predecessor.


What the hell did he do to the democrats? Shrug. Anyway he gets credit for nothing. As recently as October in one of his humiliations of Rex Tillerson he said talking to North Korea is a waste of time. And mark these words, North Korea isn’t getting rid of its nukes. So if there is ever a meeting between Kim and the TIC, it’s a photo op to legitimize Kim, nothing more. US troops aren’t leaving South Korea.