North Korea Asking For Flood Relief


I support helping victims of natural disasters. Most recently I donated what little money I could to the floods in Louisiana and have donated to other relief efforts in the past as well. I’ve seen some of the flood footage from North Korea and I genuinely feel for these people. They live in a horrific country under maniac tyrant and have lost everything. The sad thing is I could never bring myself to donate any money to help these people because I truly believe that this is just a farce to bring in larger sums of money from people like me and dump it into their militaty. I’m willing to bet not a single donation received from countries or individuals will be used to rebuild what was lost.


It’s too bad a giant flood didn’t come along and wash away both North and South Korea. Two worthless countries that cause nothing but problems.


South Korea has the worlds 11th largest economy and a high standard of living. Bloomberg calls South Korea’s economy innovative and they lead in manufacturing and R&D technology.


I guess you don’t read history books much. The United States was solely responsible for the economic reconstruction of South Korea after the armistice halting action during the Korean War. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars in grant money and deployed engineers and business executives to build their manufacturing industry. They didnt do anything on their own. We did it for them and the Japanese did it for them before that.


my history is fine friend.

your statement is again without merit.


Time for Maduro and the Castro brothers to step up and help their communist brother.

Hello,hello? Hell-o??? is anybody there?


Erin I agree. PRNK is an enigma. They have worked themselves into such an economic crises their only way out is to use their nuclear power to negotiate a tradeoff for lessening sanctions.

China is loath to pressure them more because China does not want an unstable peninsula so despite the North’s petulance China still maintains a lot of influence over the North because if China did stop all interactions the North would surely collapse though not before a last desperate attack at all within range.

It’s a dangerous situation. With Iran, there was pride involved. The Iranian people are proud and worldly, they like western things, they view themselves as intelligent and Iran has believed they deserve a spot on the world stage alongside its Middle Eastern neighbors as an equal.

But the PRNK is different their people are impoverished and not up to speed on what is happening in the rest of the world heck they are fed a diet of propaganda they don’t even know what is happening in their own country. They are in a desperate place.

As far as who has the most potential to cause instability or an international incident my pick would be North Korea over anyone else right now.