North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea


The problem is Vox nor you or I know what scope a war with NK would take nor the participants. Many guess and that is just a guess.

Would it be acceptable for NK to invade the south again??

Should we stand by and do nothing?

Should NK threaten the region with nuclear weapons should we standby and do nothing?

Fall out from a nuclear device would likely reach Japan, should we do nothing?

And what would the people of SK do, of faces with biological weapons? Should the US do nothing?

The left believes Trump could and would initiate a war. That is highly unlikely.

Perhaps the world is now seeing the danger a nuclear NK represents.

Japan’s Kyodo News reported Monday night that Chinese state-operated banks have agreed to suspend transactions through accounts held by North Koreans, meaning the two countries would no longer be allowed to do business with one another.

Kyodo News also reported that three large state banks — The Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China — have suspended North Koreans from having access to accounts.

The accounts are not frozen, meaning North Korea can still withdraw funds from them, but it underscores that China is joining the fight to suppress North Korea financially until they agree to giving up their nuclear program.


The Kim’s have bullied and blackmailed the world over nuclear proliferation for years. Cycle after cycle have played out exactly the same. NKorea moves its nuclear program forward, the world gets into a kurfluffle, Kim promises to stop IF the west gives him something… then the cycle repeats. Trump, as much as you might like to paint him as a madman was confronted with two problems… 1) the fulfillment of Kims nuclear aspiration caused by the inept hand wringing of the past 50 years 2) and an other round of appeasement… Trump did what one must do with bullies… he told Un that 1) if you screw around with your new toys, you will be turned to glass and 2) we ain’t playing the economic blackmail any more… take care of your own people…

While it is true that a certain risk of miscalculation might occur, not putting clear boundaries on NKorean behavior, as has occurred time and time again, is even more dangerous…


Only maybe then…


Precisely. And considering two things. One, the Pentagon/MIC has essentially threatened congress with, give us more money or the US empire will collapse, to which congress willingly threw them another 150 Billion. But Putin correctly pointed out last year that North Korea sits atop 6-10 trillion in REE’s that the US wants. We all KNOW that there is zero concern that NK would ever use nuclear weapons to attack the US, our interests or allies. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent with no practical literal use. And, yes…a war with NK is tantamount to catastrophe as SOD Mattis states.


I don’t believe within the intelligence on Iraq that I was one actual nuclear test or one nuclear capable ICBM launch… The ‘treat’ with regards to NKoreas nuclear ambitions is not mere hyperbole and it is not a discussion that was by any means started by this administration… the handwringing of the past has lead us to this place in history…


You don’t really believe this do you. The island installations that you’re referring to cannot really be referred to as military bases!! And China is NOT intending to invade anybody. Do you give a pass to the US for all the damn countries that we’ve invaded since WW2??? The US has troops stationed in 140 countries, we’ve not been 10 solid years without a war, or fight with somebody, somewhere since WW2. Ask the TIC, and we’ve spent 7 trillion dollars in the ME since 9/11!!! SEVEN TRILLION dollars killing people and destroying things, and yet people wring their hands over China, Iraq, North Korea. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Well those man-made islands aren’t tourist destinations with a Sandals or Club Med on them . I believe Communist China would test US resolve if there ever was a united Korea with or without a US military presence.They would be on Japan’s doorstep.
I don’t trust Communist (Red) China as far as I could throw my car.I believe they would invade NK if the US would invade N K in response to a NK invasion of SK.There aren’t Any good Communists.


North Korea is on China’s border. They have a far greater legitimate interest in what happens there than the US does. And why do you speak so nonchalantly about a US invasion of North Korea and criticize the notion of China doing the same to advance their interests???


I don’t speak nonchalantly about a possible US invasion of N K. It would be in response to an invasion by NK. They would be better off with one Korea with SK style government without having to be concerned about a spoiled PUNK Dictator.
However,you can’t turn your back on Communist(Red) China.


I would hope you’d see the wisdom in the debt ridden United States to begin minding its own business. Taking on China won’t look anything like our military operations in the Middle East, and we squandered 7 trillion there since 9/11, so far.


President Trump has said we’re not in the nation building business. We can save alot of money and let Israel take care of things in the MidEast.It would be done right the 1st time.
I know a war in NK would cause serious casualties and probably result in the same stalemate we have now.


And that could be a bit optimistic appraisal. As for Israel, yeah, I’d be delighted to leave the ME to them, so long as the TIC cut off their welfare check.


Maybe because it was the same communist revolutionary vanguard ran the long standing government of China proper to Taiwan and was the same china backed thugs who decided that they wanted to run korea as well. Communists haven’t done well in places where they depended on an electorate to put them in power … and where the people have been foolish enough to by into the socialist tripe, they soon find that they screwed up and the only way to reclaim their countries was with violence. Those islands are a claim of territory that even looking at a map, a reasonable person would say is BS. You were probably OK with Russia claiming territory all the way to Germany because it was more in Stalins best interest than that of the US that was on the other side of the ocean.


Well, he’s said a lot of things. :wink:


As do you over and over again.


Well yeah!!! As we might invade Mexico if Russia invaded Mexico. :wink:


Click…Click…Click…Click or is it one of those damnable 8 tracks… 1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


A united Korea absent 30,000 US forces wouldn’t be so troubling to China.


Which will never happens as the North would insist in controlling the entire country.

And the south would never agree under the North’s terms.


And what do you consider turning our back?