North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea


That would better than what they have now!!!
They would at least have a peaceful neighbor which would lead to more and better trade between them , although our troops would have to remain for awhile as insurance.


Freedom!!! Do you understand that Russia and China ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW US troops or influence on their borders??? Get that notion out of your head, it’s not going to happen.


What would they do,attack our troops??? Under Trump there would be no US influence unless Russia and Communist China.would cause it to occur.It would also create a deterance to Communist China’s attempt to construct more military bases on man made islands to shipping.


One has to ask, why would the south want to reunite with the north. It’s obvious why the north would want to reunite with the south.

The north is a depressed nation with a failing economy and a major problem from nuclear testing.

The south is a successful nation with a booming economy and a elected government and many of the freedoms unknown to the north.

Imagine the cost to the south to bring the north up to heir standard of living.


What??? No, continue propping up NK.


I don’t know why you’re insistent upon labeling China communist, but chinas purpose in constructing defended communication stations on SCS Islands is not to disrupt the shipping lanes.


Jin Zhirui, a colonel in the Chinese air force command, declined to confirm the construction of the island but said China needs to build facilities in the South China Sea for strategic reasons.

“We need to go out to make our contribution to regional and global peace,” he said. "We need support like this, including radar and intelligence.

China to Build Military Facilities on South China Sea Islets

Fiery Cross reef, once merely a mass of rocks and a coral reef, now has a runway and several other buildings, including basketball courts and a running track. The island joins several other military bases in the South China Sea, adding extra aerial capacity to existing naval resources and mobile missile launchers.

“Beijing can now deploy military assets, including combat aircraft and mobile missile launchers to the Spratly Islands at any time,” said the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) on Monday in a report that included images of the three man-made islands—Fiery Cross reef, Subi, and Mischief. Its director Greg Poling told Voice of America that new antennas had been spotted on Subi and Fiery Cross, so he expected deployments there soon.

Your so well informed, ROFLMAO.


It is NOT for the purpose of disrupting the commercial shipping lane.


New sheriff in town has the north looking for cover !


BEIJING — China expressed its “strong dissatisfaction” with the U.S. over the Navy’s latest freedom of navigation operation in which a warship sailed past one of China’s man-made islands in the strategic South China Sea.

Got it.


Monte,are you delusional enough to believe that Communist China has a representative type of government and allows free access to the Internet???
Communist China started. constructing these"so called off shore military islands"during your hero Obamas admin.
These aren’t places where cruise ships may stop. They will eventually attempt increased harassment of our Navy .
This is a country that you can’t trust as far as you can throw it. No, I’m not paranoid about Communist China!!! Free China exists on Matsu,Quemoy and Formosa with its capital Taipei.


Yeah, Louman ,I’m sure our ship sailed close enough to wave at the Commies!!!.
You and Monte need to stop making EXCUSES for Communist China. Maybe you two could be their version of Joseph Goebels.


Didn’t make an excuse for China just the documentation on why they are in the island building mode. They are claiming the area.

China claims by far the largest portion of territory - an area defined by the “nine-dash line” which stretches hundreds of miles south and east from its most southerly province of Hainan.

Image caption A map issued by Beijing shows the two island groups falling entirely within its territory


Beijing says its right to the area goes back centuries to when the Paracel and Spratly island chains were regarded as integral parts of the Chinese nation, and in 1947 it issued a map detailing its claims. It showed the two island groups falling entirely within its territory. Those claims are mirrored by Taiwan.

However, critics say China has not clarified its claims sufficiently - and that the nine-dash line that appears on Chinese maps encompassing almost the entirety of the South China Sea includes no coordinates.

It is also not clear whether China claims only land territory within the nine-dash line, or all the territorial waters within the line as well.

Wonder how the world will react when shipping lanes are closed as it’s sovereign territory.

China plans not for a year or 2 in advance but decades. This has been planned for years and the plan is being implemented.

p.s. Sorry you missed the sarcasm in my post.


How to hell do you know what it is for? Seems to me when you build a military installation in the middle of disputed territory, you are laying claim to it… the waters around it … and any boat that traverses it. You seem to know a lot about the motives, operations, goals and aspirations of both Russia and China… either you are a clairvoyant our perhaps you have… connections?


One, Obama was not my hero, I despised his foreign policy. And I don’t believe you can quote me saying China has a representative government. China, IS NOT building installations on SCS islands for the purpose of blocking the major commercial shipping lane that passes through the SCS. Problems that have arisen between the US and China down there are the result of US ships and airplanes passing too close to their installations. China’s interests in the area is resources, namely fishing and oil, and they intend to enforce this by establishing these operations in disputed waters. But they ARE NOT down there to block shipping traffic!


Monte, am I mistaken that you tend to defend the Liberals??? I don’t mind because if everyone had the same viewpoint ,we couldn’t have an intelligent discussion.
Please enlighten me why I shouldn’t call Communist China Communist.
I know they are moving towards a type of capitalism, but otherwise,their government is hardly Socialist.Their government is nowhere near freely elected with only one party allowed and dissent strongly “Discouraged” .


Communist China knows they can intimidate nearby countries,because militarily,they can’t compete.
They are smart enough to know,they can only push the US so far,especially with Trump as President.They do just enough to not antagonize President Trump. The best President since Ronald Reagan


Oh now Freedom, I’m not making excuses for anyone. Nations do what’s in their own best interests…don’t they??


If SK would reunite with NK can you imagine how those in the north would cooperate.with the south??? The shackles. of Lil. Kim’s ruthlessness intimidation would be off.
Yes,the cost would be high ,but it could be a gradual process.Reunification hasn’t hurt Germany. It has made them stronger.The US would ensure that Russia and Communist China.keep their hands off trying to destabilize them


I’m going to have to agree with LM on that. Why in the hell would South Korea want to take that on,??