North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea


How do you know this?


Americans were lulled to sleep by the rainbow flag wavers when the Berlin wall came down… the cold war never ended and nixon was naive about how we engage China… and we ‘almost’ got our lunch ate. Trump has, at least for a moment given us time to think and change direction before we no longer have the economic clout to use it to our benefit…


Oh, I don’t deny that but they do make some good points about our relationship with China and Russia and how we must deal with them before we no longer have the ability to deal with them. With respect to NKorea, I thought it was particularly enlightening that both support trumps hard stance while warning him not to draw red lines you are unwilling to keep… which was a silent swipe at Obama…


And a war monger, so quite naturally he’s on board with trump with regards North Korea. But we already know that the defense secretary, who knows just a little bit more about war than Kissinger, has already declared a war with North Korea as catastrophic. If the sound heads prevail, there will be no war with NK. They will become a nuclear deterrent however, and America may thank its own failed foreign policy for pushing North Korea to that point.


Healthcare costs are attributable to numerous issues.

  1. Government pricing. Medicaid, medicare reimbursements paid below cost boosts th costs to everyone else.
  2. Government regulations.
    3, Government mandates. Really think tha physical and other deferred cost services ar free?
    4, Our litigious society. Insurance for doctors rise early as wll as the over testing to ensure they hav left no stone unturned.
  3. The demand to provide all services possible inside of relaying the person will die soon. Is another week or month of life when your completely immobile worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?
  4. Rent, utilities, equipment costs rise early.
  5. Yes those pesky humans involve in delivering healthcare also wand more every year.
  6. The list is endless.

But of course there’s monte’s rant it’s all insurance companies fault. Nothing else causes the cost of healthcare to rise yearly. Insurance companies do eliminate most fraud unlike government. They do a reasonable job of negotiating prices downward. And yes, 80% of insurance is paid out to their customers.


No doubt it is catastrophic… this week… this month but what is the long term results of no action? … Is the proliferation of nuclear weapons to SKorea… Japan… perhaps the Philippines which ‘could’ be a long term reaction to not addressing NKorea. Of course ideally China sees this problem as a clear and present danger to its security and will join with Trump in a forceful policy of dismantling the NKorean regime or at least its nuclear capability. Trump isn’t looking for war but he has stepped up and identified and addressed the problem head on. Some people will see this as extreme aggression… some will say that it is the sheriff that will stand up to the bad guy.

One can certainly identify Kissinger as is a warmonger because he is no stranger to creating problems for people in Chile and the Kurds but then again, that must be tempered with the things he as actually involved himself in… detente with Russia and his work with Nixon, rightly or wrongly opened up China to the west. I would also say that while thinking about peace making he also has a healthy disdain for communism that has killed millions of people… In many ways I would say he addresses the world in a pragmatic way… but, just as with our relative postion with China today, did he help or hinder.


The cost health care has out paced 80% of our nation and that my friend is a health care emergency for most Americans !


And the addition of the ACA has pushed the costs to the ceiling.

Until people realize that government is not the answer but the problem, this will continue.


I hope your view of this s the right one. It is certainly the path Kim would be wise to take. NK has according to some estimates has 6 trillion in natural wealth; Kim could become a free man and a very rich one at that.


I think people understand just fine ! We know we are stuck with a health care system that only works for the very wealthy . A health care system that even with health care insurance 80% of us can’t afford to use .
Government may be the only answer at this point !

The U.S. spent $8,233 on health per person in 2010. Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland are the next highest spenders, but in the same year, they all spent at least $3,000 less per person. The average spending on health care among the other 33 developed OECD countries was $3,268 per person.

U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective
In contrast, U.S. spending on social services made up a relatively small share of the economy relative to other countries. Despite spending more on health care, Americans had poor health outcomes, including shorter life expectancy and greater prevalence of chronic conditions.
Health care spending in the U.S. far exceeds that of other high-income countries, though spending growth has slowed in the U.S. and in most other countries in recent years.3 Even though the U.S. is the only country without a publicly financed universal health system, it still spends more public dollars on health care than all but two of the other countries. Americans have relatively few hospital admissions and physician visits, but are greater users of expensive technologies like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Available cross-national pricing data suggest that prices for health care are notably higher in the U.S., potentially explaining a large part of the higher health spending. In contrast, the U.S. devotes a relatively small share of its economy to social services, such as housing assistance, employment programs, disability benefits, and food security.4 Finally, despite its heavy investment in health care, the U.S. sees poorer results on several key health outcome measures such as life expectancy and the prevalence of chronic conditions. Mortality rates from cancer are low and have fallen more quickly in the U.S. than in other countries, but the reverse is true for mortality from ischemic heart disease.

Our healthcare is expensive and ineffective for all but the wealthy !


Now you know why the US is eyeing them.


That’s a funny comment to be coming from a “conservative”


That’s not funny and it comes from an American . You are the one stuck on names and labels .


Government has caused the problems with the current healthcare system and exactly how would they fix it??? Think the government will end all the impediments they have put in our system causing higher costs? Government control of doctors and providers pay? Will that give you the best and the brightest as doctors? Th problem we face today is we all want everything and few are willing to pay for it. We want free services. Think the physical that you don’t pay for is really free? The other hundred free services? A comparison is having auto insurance cover oil changes, tires and the fluid changes to make the vehicle last longer. People demand everything effort be made to extend like another week and sue if they are unhappy costing untold amounts.
Half of medicare is spent on the last 2 years of life. Think government can continue spending at this level. Now we are taking in the worlds poor with all their healthcare problems, we now have measles, mumps all things our healthcare system eradicated, more costs. Are you really advocating for a nationwide VA or medicaid system? Both disasters of the government. And you advocate government control, what a joke.

quote=“imjimo, post:90, topic:6622”]
U.S. spending on social services made up a relatively small share of the economy relative to other countries.

This is your safety net.
Social welfare has five components: health care spending; education spending; cash retirement benefits; other government cash transfers such as unemployment insurance and the earned income tax credit (EITC); and non-cash aid such as food stamps and public housing. Setting aside the private sector, the U.S. still has a very large social welfare system. In fact, among affluent nations, the U.S. has the third highest level of per capita government social welfare spending. This is striking given that government spending is more tightly targeted on the poor and elderly in the

U.S.Government spending alone for healthcare is over 1 trillion dollars is growing 25% of government spending. Britain, Canada’s healthcare systems are far behind the US and costs are growing. SS/Government retirements consume over 1 trillion a year. Half of all government spending with doesn’t include the standard welfare you refer to. And we are in an unsustainable situation in this country with people calling for he organization that caused this mess to take it over. SS, past changes to SS has caused he near failure and the coming deficits. Governments answer, more immigration but fails to choose he immigrants that could help our country. Healthcare a government wreck and you want them to take it and administrate it when they are doing that very thing with the VA poorly with the worst outcomes.

For which you should thank your government.


Not sure what that means, but I’m glad that you understand that basic needs are often better provided by the government. No business was ever created just to provide basic needs as its primary goal.


He’s not a conservative the same as your not an independent.


You’ve been paying close attention to Sanders.


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Yeah, montecristo…threatening to turn us to ashes is not threat!


And the first to blame the president for lil Kim’s words . :roll_eyes: