North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea


But you failed to address his comment… Our healthcare system… Top to bottom is broke not in spite of government involvement but directly because of it…


Before obastard got us health care we never had problems with it.


Fortunately My new home is Wyoming will be finished in the spring and I can leave the new liberal hell that was a conservative state, Colorado. Colorado boasts 1 out of 7 residents on medicaid. It doesn’t include Chips kids or medicare recipients.

A place where 40% of the state budget is spent on medicaid and escalating to 45% by 2020.


Enlighten me please .
One of the ACA stated purposes was to reduce the cost of healthcare to the citizens of this country !
While not a fan of Obama or the ACA in general . It seems almost everyone out side of congress ( they have the Cadillac plan and exempted themselves from the Cadillac Tax ) agrees that something must change .
How is it a healthcare insurance policy when a citizen making $34000 a year can have an $8000 dollar deductible with the ACA .
While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been largely defined by its coverage expansions, its authors recognized the need to include mechanisms to slow the growth of health care costs. The law’s provisions took aim at Medicare spending and to a lesser extent, factors that affect costs in the individual and group private market. To understand the law’s impact and potential to “bend the cost curve,” it is important to isolate the effects of the ACA from those attributable to the economic recession and recovery. Although the ACA’s future is in doubt, cost containment will remain a key ingredient of any health reform effort. In this brief, we discuss key ACA provisions and their effects on containing overall cost growth and the cost of ACA-related gains in coverage.

Why the dramatic slowdown from 2007-2013? Studies estimate that the 2007-2009 recession and the slow recovery from it explained somewhere between 37 percent and 70 percent of the slowdown. Others point to the spread of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), which incentivize price-conscious consumers to shop for care and avoid low value care. Just four percent of employers offered HDHPs in 2005; by 2011, nearly a third of employers offered such plans. A 2013 study suggested that less generous benefit design might have accounted for 20 percent of the slowdown. Slower adoption of expensive new medical technology and fewer new blockbuster drugs may have also been contributing factors.

Analysis of the ACA’s effects on cost containment rests on three concepts: first, that any provisions affecting only the individual market can have little effect on overall health spending, because only 6% of people under age 65 are in that market; second, that the slowing of the trajectory of health care spending predates the ACA and complicates analysis of its effects; and third, that while increased utilization of health care due to the ACA’s coverage expansion drove cost growth in the early years, health care prices will likely exert a powerful influence on the trajectory of health care costs over the long run.

One of the most immediate and direct ways that the ACA produced savings was through reductions in provider payment updates and Medicare Advantage (MA) payments. Prior to the ACA, payments to MA plans were 14 percent higher than the cost of covering similar beneficiaries under the traditional Medicare program, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. The ACA reduced payments to MA plans over six years, and by 2016, payments to MA plans were just two percent higher than costs in the traditional Medicare program. Although critics were concerned that these cuts would mean that plans withdrew from the program, according to Kaiser Family Foundation, enrollment actually increased from 24 percent in 2009 to 31 percent in 2016. The payment reductions produced short-term federal savings of $68 billion between 2011 and 2016.

It is too early to draw firm conclusions about the ACA’s effect on cost containment, especially given that the provisions with the greatest potential impact— notably the Cadillac Tax and the IPAB —have not been implemented. Still, the intense opposition to both provisions provides good reason to temper our expectations about the degree of cost containment we can achieve through the ACA alone. As the Trump Administration and Republican controlled Congress debate repealing or replacing the ACA, policymakers face a number of choices to reduce the growth of health care costs going forward.

This law the ACA was in response to a difficult problem and while flawed it may have been amended to better serve Americans .
There is a reason the republicans haven’t put fourth their own healthcare bill ! It cannot be fixed piecemeal we will need a fresh look to go where few have dared to go maybe President Trump has the ball to take this on and do it the right way !


It’s not a real threat if you can’t do it, shrug…


It was the paramount purpose , thus its name patient protection and affordable care act. But it failed its chief objective.


Once again launching ballistic missiles and setting of H-bombs is not a threat only to America hating traitors.


It failed miserably .


Funny, I receive flack for referring to Trump as the Twitter in Chief (TIC) regularly, but Obama is called all manner of despicable names and the choir is always silent. For the record, I have no problem with it, he’s a public figure and fair game. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of most here.


Yes, I think I just said that. Though it did bring a few good things to the table.


North Korea is INCAPABLE of reducing the United States to ashes, they would be reduced to ashes the first time they launched a nuclear missile at us.


I would suggest that the history that you show isn’t nearly long enough. EMTALA while not the beginning of government interference created a huge distortion in the cost of medical delivery and the many laws that surround it have allowed the medical industry to price and collude in a way that no other industry can. The killing of the charity hospital (Obama offed the last on in New Orleans) were a backbone for indigent care and were generally well funded by donations.) Previous to that were the wage controls that lead industry to introduce catastrophic major medical as they could no longer negotiate wages… Enter the tie between employment and medical service… and the change from catastrophic major medical to coverage for every sneeze and aspirin. The advertising of medicine to people who wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground but going to the doctor demanding that medicine, beneficial or not. Doctors receiving kickbacks for writing prescriptions… a practice used (and allowed) that circumvents the laws which prevent doctors from selling their own prescriptions. Of course a good many of this laws, like price transparency are at the behest of some in the industry to prevent competition by other and of course supported by legislators always ready to help a friend… for a price. Things like tort reform that can never seem to get off the ground… I could go on but you get the point. Government and its tinkering with the market place created the evolution of our medical system where a doctor use to see a sick person at home for free … or a cherry pie… and now if you don’t have an insurance card… your out…


Yet, no proof of his claims are ever offered…and jughead obastard allowed him to develop his arsenal for 8 long years, leaving this threat for someone else like all liberal scum do.


That certainly turned out to be a lie didn’t it.

And in the end it wasn’t about lowering the cost but insuring more people. (commonly called redistribution of wealth)

It’s called a choice.
Lower premiums equal higher deductibles.
Higher premiums equal lower deductibles.

Did the person chose the higher deductible so they paid nothing?
Was the choice because they were healthy and expected little cost?
What was the subsidy?
How many people were in the family.

An interesting thing if the people received SNAP, school lunches or any type of government aid, it’s not counted as income against their ACA subsidy.


We are saying the system is flawed . We seem to be talking past each other with me blaming the system and you blaming the government ?


Two people in the family .
This was the cheapest plan . If the policy was free makes little difference . No one making $34000 dollars a year can afford a $8000. deductible .


It’s what our government has dumped on us


Do you have supporting reference for that?

Swiss-educated like his brothers, Kim Jong-un avoided Western influences, returning home when not in school and dining out with the North Korean ambassador.


He’s a peach
Kim Jong-un executes education minister by firing squad for not SITTING properly during a meeting
Kim Jong-un ‘executes’ ANOTHER official over a launch delay at North Korea’s crumbling missile test site just five days after 'killing his former second-in-command’
Kim Jong Un’s top aide executed by North Korean death squad, reports suggest
Kim Jong Un has executed over 300 people since coming to power
Report: Kim Jong Un executes N. Korea’s vice premier

a few headlines.


Like Putin said, the US is eyeballing the 6-10 trillion worth of rare earth minerals below North Korea.

Will China’s 95% control of the global rare earths market remain unchallenged?