North Korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb


Just a relaxing Sunday morning.

North Korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb, says it was a complete success

Fears that Kim Jong-un’s claims were real came after an earthquake was detected in the reclusive state’s north-east.


But do they have fallout shelters that can withstand the might of OUR nukes ? :laughing: We will see is large ash where North Korea use to be !!! :skull_and_crossbones:


Their plan is to use an EMP over the United States. This is a direct threat. No more talking. No more negotiation. No more money to the North Koreans. It’s time to act.


North Korea is taking this a lot further than I had expected. Russia is stepping back. China has little reason to back North Korea at this point, and any further provocation will bring the full force of South Korea, Japan and the United States down on their shitty country. Does Kim feel lucky?


Trump should send one final Tweet with regards to North Korea …to the effect: ‘He apologizes to the people of North Korea for the actions he’s about to take and may God forgive him.’


Trump has most certainly put himself in the ‘redline’ territory that Obama meekly backed away from… and I don’t see Kim blinking…


Rep Joaquin Castro (D-TX) discussed North Korea’s latest nuclear test and said that President Donald Trump’s tweets about North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un have not been helpful.

While it is true enough that Trumps tweets might push Kims buttons… Kim just detonated a hydrogen bomb as an exclamation point on his position… I think that bomb was in development long before Trump took to Twitter… So who is and has been escalating what?


Who’s fault was everything before Trump became president? Oh that’s right, George Bush.


It does appear that North Korea has successfully tested a true two-stage thermonuclear “device”.

The yield is too large to credibly be attributed to anything else, and the device exhibited in the DPRK picture looks like a fairly sophisticated design, the “peanut” design with a spherical secondary stage. Even the primary is smaller than the last device exhibited.


I’m confused by the photo – which one is fat man and which is little boy? {cough}

Kidding aside, I think the key takeaway from Trump’s ineptitude is that he’s going to accelerate the development of nuclear arms, whether through public demonstration or secret projects, for the duration of his presidency.

The man is astonishingly ignorant about nuclear issues, and made statements during his candidacy that were both oblivious about non-proliferation efforts and at best indifferent to the idea of additional nations becoming nuclear powers. As this is Trump, he has since learned nothing.


China is using North Korea as muscle to crack US supremacy, call our bluff. Trump has to convince them he’ll actually pull the trigger. Ends in either US cowering or China calling off dogs to credible US preemptive strike.


My solution is this; Force NATO to stop trade with China and we do the same untill china stops helping north korea, and give south korea and japan nuclear war heads untill korean is unified.

North Korea would fall apart in a few years, and they wouldn’t be able to attack if South Korea and Japan had nuclear weapons.

And force Japan to stop trade as well.


Russia since Obama went into the Whitehouse has been upgrading and expanded their own nuclear arsenal… In just about every aspect the US is playing catchup… MSM’s use of the words ‘Arms Race’ is indicative of the kind of journalism that the left puts out… Trump most certainly understands that, as with borders, unilateral disarmament will invite far more trouble that a strong defense… Lets not forget that China has already tested hypersonic weapons… The US under Obama has backed down when it comes to our real advisories…