North Korea fires missile as Japan warns citizens to take cover


Thoughts on North Korea firing the missile over Japan? What should the USA do?


Action needs to be taken, we can’t let them think that they can make escalations without any repercussions; sanctions don’t seem to be effective.


I agree.

What kind of action are we talking about?


We can’t declare war, but we ought to at least beef up our forces there, to show that we’re not full of shit.

We’ve been nearly all talk so far.


We have large forces there already though.

A whole huge fleet of Naval ships and tons of personnel.


They aren’t much in the event of a real conflict.

And NK has millions.


North Korea’s missile went almost 3k miles and it went 341 miles high so it in theory could have gone a bit further. it means they now present a valid nuclear threat, unless this test was a dud and misfired vs actually hitting a target.


They’ve been a threat.

I don’t know why we haven’t struck them yet.


We should just all nuke each other and destroy the human race.

Not like it matters to nature as a whole.


A Chinese state-run newspaper has suggested Beijing would “stay neutral” if North Korea strikes first in a conflict with the United States.

However, it added: “If the US and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so.”


Yes so let’s just wait till they destroy a city.


If they make the first move, North Korea is finished.


Then China is beyond stupid, they would lose everything.


They won’t china also has nukes. Perhaps not a lot but enough to destroy the USA.

Also, South Korea and Japan may feel it’s necessary to develop their own nuclear programs.

Which is an absolute no-no.

If Japan and South Korea get nuclear missiles, then other nations will start to develop missiles.

Anyways that’s why our politicans aren’t doing anything, the end.


S. Korea has 23 nuclear reactors, most of which are within artillery range from N. Korea. What would happen if just a few of these were damaged or destroyed and started burning uncontrollably, releasing thousands of times more radioactive particles into the atmosphere than Chernobyl or Fukushima?


The dems must be shaking in the crap filled boots ! :laughing: Time to take out the looney toon !


The fastest and cheapest way to deal with North Korea is for President Trump to sign an executive order indefinitely banning all Chinese imports. North Korea will be finished within 24 hrs, and the ban will be lifted.


So this whole North Korea thing is anything gonna actually happen or do we just wait until they decide to kill a bunch of people with one of these missiles?


Ya have to wait till they kill some people.

Going in beforehand will anger China and probably Russia too, since they will have to deal with the refugees.

And South Korea doesn’t want to have to bury hundreds of thousands of their citizens.


We don’t have to wait for shit tbh. In 2003 we declared war on Iraq based entirely on falsified information about WMD manufacturing. We don’t have to wait until some junk goes down. We just are because we are too worried about war posturing in China and Russia’s backyard.

Imagine if China or Russia invaded Mexico or Canada, because the USA invading North Korea is like that for Russia and China.