North Korea fires missile as Japan warns citizens to take cover


There is no direct parallel. Not following your thought process.


China, Russia, and the United States are 1st world super powers with nuclear arsenals.

Mexico and North Korea; 2 developing world nations directly bordering 1st world nations.


China isn’t a first-world nation, it’s still developing.

Anyway the difference in geography make it incomparable.

Russia being bordered by several historically hostile nations (China to a lesser extent).

America being wedged between two docile benign incapable nations and surrounded by two oceans.

Not to mention there are no rogue states on the American Continent.


China makes, and uses more cars than the USA has people. They are a first world nation. Yes the class gap in China is unbelievably F’d but that’s what happens when you allow a business aristocracy to run a socialist government for profit in a nation with no regulations for 50 years.


They are not a first world nation.

Having high car manufacturing output does not make you first world.


Why aren’t they a first world nation? They are the largest manufacturing producers on earth, you can’t do that with out industry. Regarding tech, China surpassed USA on stealth high altitude hypersonic drones, they aren’t in the stone age even though 50% of their citizens have no electricity.


This has nothing to do with whether they are a first world country.

China is not a developed country. Despite having the world’s second-largest economy and third-largest military, China is still not classified as a developed country. The biggest reason: Its per capita GDP remains below any accepted minimum threshold for developed-country status.


That is your source I believe

GDP isn’t a very good indicator of development, because the population of countries can skew the results

HDI is superior in my opinion because it takes into account multiple factors that relate to development such as education and healthcare rather than just taking the GDP and dividing it by the population.


GDP per capita is also skewed because if you have large sections of poor people with nothing and small sections of super rich people with space age infrastructure —> you are still considered developing.


Why even bother debating Trump’s actions? This is what you elected.


You mean someone who tries to keep things simple so the public can understand? I remember feeling like the last President was speaking down to me.



Washington has been paying Pyongyang “extortion money” for over two decades, US President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Wednesday.

According to Trump, the US has been in talks with North Korea all that time.

Trump’s tweet comes following an official statement released by the White House, in which the president said that “all options are on the table” in regard to the current tensions in East Asia.

On Tuesday, Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile which passed over Japan. Calling that move “threatening and destabilizing,” the US leader said North Korea “has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior.”



Why didn’t you listen…


You are worrying too much. What’s the worst that could possibly happen :thinking:


I don’t think North Korea is going to do anything. It’s in their best interest to not to blow anything up while increasing their own military power.


I’m not worried about this North Korea / Angry Trump situation.

It does dismay me that this administration has no foreign policy continuity with the past because they simply have no foreign policy whatsoever after firing the State Department’s institutional memory in order to interpose their own shadowy dealings without any knowledgeable oversight.

Unfortunately for them, the system works and oversight came from congress and the press.

If we know what pernicious imbeciles these people are by observation from afar, how much more do the inside the beltway and the IC folk recognize them as a threat to the republic?

Checks and balances are in place and I sleep well.