North Korea’s nuclear test site at risk of imploding, Chinese scientist says


Again… exhibit A


While I will agree that Trump does himself no favors many times, even if he said nothing this attempt to delegitimatize both him and the people who voted for him would not stop… Trump didn’t call his supporters ‘deplorables’


Yes, that was/is STUPID. But there was equally STUPID shit at Trumps campaign rally’s. Funny, he’s still holding campaign rally’s, lol.


Clinton called HALF of Donald Trump supporters deplorable, just to keep things accurate. And we agree, Trump does himself no favors. And,


Btw, you completely ignored my point about USFP that overthroughs democracies despite its self righteous claims to the contrary, shrug.


While I am not certain I recall any people striping off at a trump rally… I would also say that calling ones self independent does not necessarily mean that they are looking outside the gravitational pull of their views. While someone might say that an ‘independent’ is of the libertarian persuasion, others would say they aren’t a straight ticket voter nor are they bound by a single issue… in that, they are independent in thought.

I take issue with libertarians even though I define myself as one because the have a world view that looks like that of an economist. They have no appreciation for the sovereignty of the nation state and would see US borders disappear without once thinking about what happens after that. A good many libertarians are dogmatic rather than realistic about the US island and the constitution that makes it different…

I wouldn’t say that I ignored it… I just don’t see that any reasonable thinking person could deny it…

As far as Trump loosing support, I think it has to do more with his policy’s not quite lining up with his campaign rhetoric than his tweets… It is becoming quite clear to me that ‘Repeal’ meant ‘Replace’ it with some other odorous government program … and resend DACA meant push it back to congress to make an official law. Those are the things that are putting me off of Trump…


On has to wonder, where does that come from?

A poll?

Polls are so accurate, the pollsters want to see low ratings thy focus on the cities.


It’s not just libertarians that are seeking a world without borders. Big Business hasn’t any use for them either. Big business prefers the free flow of goods, money and labor across borders. This is why the southern US border has not been secure my entire life and likely will remain so. Republican or democratic administration, it doesn’t matter, they all pander to the deep pockets of the lobbyists that Big Business throws at them. If America is to truly be great, then Americans must do something different.

To the point of Trumps actions not matching his words, he spent most of his political donations in support of progressive ideology, throughout his life, and was a registered democrat far longer than he’s been a republican. He just handed his new friends Nancy and Chuck a political victory yesterday. Americans that voted for Trump should have researched his political background.


Is Iran a problem? I can’t understand why people are so concerned about Iran and dislike Iran so much. There’s every reason for this to be the other way around. According to FDR, the oil spoils of the ME was Iraqi oil would be ours, the Iranian oil would be the UK’s and we’d share the rest. By 1953 Iran decided it would be in their interest to nationalize its oil. This didn’t bode well in the west and one of the newly created CIA’s first projects was the overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian government in favor of the Shaw who would ensure that the profits of oil would continue to leave the country. It took 25 years, but Iran finally cast off that yoke, only to find itself at war with its neighbor and American partner Iraq. The US provided Iraq with chemical weaponry which they used on Iran. But, even after 9/11, Iran came out in support of the US, with a candlelight vigil in Tehran, only to be dampened down again by Bush’s declaration that Iran was part of an axis of evil.

It makes sense given the destructive nature of USFP, that weaker nations would seek to become nuclear powers as a deterrent. Gaddafi voluntarily gave up his nuclear program and everybody else saw how that worked out for him. Though he never had a nuclear weapon program, Hussein was made into the same boogie man that Kim Jong Un has been and Americans were frightened with blustery comments such as Condaleesa Rice’s, "do we have to wait for the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud (over a US city)??? Never mind that that mushroom cloud was never possible, this is the type of blustery rhetoric required to get Americans on board for the next war.

The US MIC has a veracious appetite that can only be fed by war. North Korea isn’t what threatens the US anymore than Iraq, Libya, Syria or Iran do/did. The American MIC is the threat to America. And that was recognized by president Eisenhower 57 years ago!!!


Seems that Mr Kims benevolence in its peace overtures was a little misleading perhaps.