North Korea threatens Australia with nuclear strike over alliance with the USA


Good Morning Australia!

Fat Boy is very angry today.


It’s more posturing. Kim is not going to do anything. His latest threats against the US haven’t panned out due to China giving them the squeeze on coal. Australia must have seemed like an easier target that is within the declared range of their misses that can’t make it off the ground in reality.


I honestly think this is all political theater. I believe North Korea has no nuclear capability. They cannot even get a missile off the ground. Unless another super power comes in to enable them with nukes, that isn’t going to happen because North Korea has nothing to offer.


You might be right, but they seem to be going off the rails and they have been preparing for this for decades. The video above describes a massive underground subway that is 300 feet below ground that can serve as a fallout shelter in the even of an attack.

They aren’t just threatening Australia. The docked their ships in China despite being ordered not to and have been escalating threats against the South. Kim has been getting on state TV telling his people that war is coming.


China needs to install a new government in NK. Then this new government must immediately request talks with the South for the purpose of re-unification. The new unified Korea would have to be nuclear free and neutral. No troops of any other country, such as, China or the USA, could be based there. Also, no defense treaties with any other country or group of countries. Just Switzerland of the Far East.


I think you’re right. The key to the North Korea lock is China. I just don’t see how the do it. Kim Jong Un will never step down willingly. Even if he started to lighten up, boost trade, encourage democratic elections, and started applying China’s brand of Communism it would probably stop at his position of supreme authority. Unless they take him out, he isn’t leaving.


We can possibly summarize the situation from an Asian perspective as follows:

  1. North Korea and South Korea would like to be unified. South Korea thinks it will be like the German unification and is prepared to pay for it. North Korea wants to be North Korea with a higher standard of living. If they ever cross the border, it’s because somebody’s found an excuse along the lines of ‘let’s evict the Americans from the land that is ours combined’. Not happening soon. The Koreas are wary of China as their former overlord and big elephant in the room. South Korea doesn’t like being seen as a US pawn.

  2. Japan doesn’t want to see the Koreas unified. However, there’s a plus in that a unified Korea is more of a stumbling block to China than to Japan. It will keep East Asia fluid. Japan would like the US gone too, but not just yet. Japan is not feeling well these days, as China becomes more competitive. Current projections have China effectively swallowing Japan over time. Japan as a US ally looks, to North Korea, like a convenient target. Hence Japan would like somebody to do something about that, and that’s always been the US. If not, they might re-arm offensively, and everyone else in Asia is ambivalent, to put it mildly, about that.

  3. China doesn’t want the Koreas unified. Actually, China wants all the surrounding states to acknowledge its dominance and be good junior partners in Asia. China sees itself as a coming cultural hegemon, with influence everywhere while not having to deploy boots on the ground. It has an interest in keeping North Korea isolated but without collapsing completely. They don’t want North Korea to accidentally-on-purpose-whatever drop a nuke on them. They also don’t want the US to be hanging around in what they think of as -their- territorial waters.

  4. Vietnam is coming to terms with China’s growth. Vietnam is an often-ignored powerhouse that used to be the southern tip of imperial China. They’re happy to work with China as long as their own interests are maintained. The Spratlies and other islands are a sore spot. If North Korea is distracting China, Vietnam won’t mind. They aren’t a target of North Korean aggression anyway.

  5. Taiwan doesn’t matter in the long run. Except to Taiwan, and some Americans. China thinks Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan thinks it is China. The truth is that Taiwan is indeed, in the realpolitik sense at least, a part of China.

  6. The rest of Southeast Asia has never liked randomness. North Korea is giving them the jitters. They most of all do not want the US to provoke them into firing a missile at anyone. And China may be good for business, better than the US in some ways these days. Even Australia is feeling that.

  7. Northeast Asia is Siberian Russia and suchlike. They don’t see themselves as a North Korean target, so if it’s someone else’s problem (Japan, China, anyone), that’s good.

I’m no expert. I’m just putting together stuff I’ve read, in one place.


Your no expert so this must be a cut and paste from somewhere.

Exactly where is it from?